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 Christmas 2005
by Chuck and Gretchen Molling
This year Christmas will be very different for us. Gretchen and I are originally from and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which has a large German population. My family background is German and we have always been  intrigued by things German.

Last year we met a German couple at our  RV park in Apache  Junction. They had been coming to the United States  for the past fourteen  winters and staying generally for five or six  months. While here they had   some minor legal and tax issues arise with which I  was able to assist them. They enjoyed cooking and baking (he had been a chef) and we of course enjoyed eating the results so we spent a fair amount of time together.

Last year the couple's only daughter convinced them that this  year they should stay home once for Christmas.  We  told them that we envied  them as we often had thought of spending Christmas in Germany, visiting the Christmas markets and perhaps spending Christmas day in a picture book church in the mountains.  Their immediate reaction  was that we should come to Germany this Christmas and stay with them in their roomy home.  It took all of about ten seconds to agree that was a superb idea!

As a result we will be flying from Phoenix to Frankfurt on December 14th and returning on January 3rd. Consequently our Christmas preparations this year have consisted of digging out some long buried  heavier clothing and arranging for transportation to  the airport rather than the usual shopping excursions.  After almost five  years full-timing it is exciting to think of probably having a white  Christmas instead of a nice, comfortable Arizona holiday.

To answer your inquiry, yes, we will be "on (y)our way to a fun  place for Christmas," but it will not be one "on the road" but rather one in the air and in the "old country"!

Here's hoping that your and Ron's Christmas will truly be a merry one!
Chuck and Gretchen