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 Response to Exploring Article
Norm and Linda Payne have been full-timing since September of 1999. 
They are good friends of ours and have a wonderful and insightfull web site, See Ya' Down The Road.
Editor's note: I received this email just after I uploaded my Exploring article and thought it was so great it had to be shared. I hope you agree. 

I'm happy to see you are home and that you enjoyed the cruise. Now that you've eaten your way across the Atlantic and back you can take daily walks to lose some pounds. 

I read with interest your articles on the cruise v.s. fulltime RVing and as you said it is comparing apples to oranges.

With are now in day 99 of our trip on the Lewis and Clark Trail. When I planned the trip I tried to avoid cities and laid out small towns. Of course that is easy to do in the Dakotas and Montana as there are few cities.

In each small town we have tried to learn the history of the town and meet the town's people. Every Sunday we have attended a small church often with a congregation of about 20 souls. After the services we talk to the people and learn where to eat and what to see. Some people from the churches have even come to campground to visit us. The most interesting church was on a Blackfeet Indian reservation.

I won't bore you with tells of many towns, but I will tell you about one. We stopped in Fort Benton, MT and planned to stay two nights. We found a campground that was actually a woman's side yard and she let me use her land line to do email and update my website. The town was having a festival and the locals invited us to a community wide pot-luck supper with businesses furnishing the meats and drinks. We walked the riverfront, talked to locals, were treated to a free lunch from one bank and free ice cream from another bank. We have never met such friendly people and we ended up staying five days and hated to leave.

One of the highlights of the trip has been studying the Indian tribes Lewis and Clark met and getting the Indians' point of view. We talked to a Blackfeet Indian National Park Ranger and a Nez Perce Indian National Park Ranger and learned much about those tribes. I now have a new respect for Indians and I plan to write about them on my website. It is amazing how much retired people can learn as we educate ourselves across the country.

This is a great country.

Hugs, Norm
E-mail: normlindapayne@earthlink.net
Web Page: See Ya' Down The Road