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Patrick and Karen Johnston are full-timers and good friends of ours. They have been on the road together for one and one half years. Their home is a 40 foot Safari motorhome. 
Life in a Motorhome
by Patrick Johnston

Itís forty feet long, eight and a half feet wide and eleven and a half feet tall! It weighs thirty thousand pounds, holds forty-five gallons of propane, and one hundred gallons of fresh water. 

It has its own air conditioning generator, three solar panels and can convert that from DC to AC to power all appliances on board. In addition to all this it has a three hundred horse power Caterpillar Diesel engine, a six speed automatic transmission linked by computer to the engine. Together they have more brain power than the two owners! 

It has every other convenience other modern homes have! And just to ensure that the two occupants donít get lost, it has a satellite navigation system (GPS) linked to a lap top computer that tells you when to turn, and where!! It will locate an address to within fifty feet. And show its location on the lap top mapping system! 

The cabinets are beechwood, the counter tops are Corian, the refrigerator is a side by side, the kitchen floor is 12 by 12 ceramic tile. 

It has two air conditioners, two TVís a CD player, a tape deck, a VCR, and a direct TV satellite receiver. The range is propane, and it has a microwave/convection oven! And just to make sure we donít run out of ice, an ice maker! Now if you thought we were camping we apologize for misleading you. Oh, did I mention the Jacuzzi?  Just kidding.