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What's New From April through December 2008


April 2008

A while ago I promised pictures of our house after the inside painting. The before pictures are on the left.  Here are a couple of sets.

Living Room



Master Bedroom


Guest Room

May 1, 2008

A while ago I posted a story about three couples who travel together as full-time RVers. They call themselves the Six Pak. We finally got to meet all of them and had a wonderful evening comparing notes on full-time RVing. We had invited them over for dinner while they were nearby in Apache Junction.

Going around the table from L-R: Ron, Jean, Sue, Judy, Ed, Jack and Don
They travel in nearly identical Dolphin motorhomes and have been on the road for two years. They are from the Phoenix/Mesa area. We had a wonderful evening exchanging all sorts of stories then 4 days later went to their campground and had a happy hour in Sue and Jack's motorhome. These are the neatest people you'd ever want to meet and we are glad they want to keep in touch.
To read the guest article that Sue wrote recently click here.

July 10
Ron and I are going to take a trip starting Monday. This will be quite a change from our former mode of travel; we are driving by car from here to Michigan by way of Kansas City (to visit my son Jim and his family) and Chicago to visit good friends who recently moved from AZ. I have been looking at "red roads" but I think will probably have to settle for interstates. If we took U.S. 60 from here to Santa Rosa, New Mexico, on red roads I can't find but one or two gas stations and restrooms and/or fast food restaurants (that have restrooms) are almost non existent according to AAA. I will miss a motorhome. We will file a full report of our adventures upon our return.

August 15

We are back from our long drive and we say, "never again." It was fun to see everyone (family and friends) but the drive was long and after being gone three weeks, we felt like our butts were forever glued to the seats of the car. We missed getting regular exercise, we ate  all the good food that was put in front of us to the toon of about 6 pounds each. We ended up driving Interstates 98% of the time. So there was no adventure. It was just a push to get there and back. But it was worth it to see everyone. Next time we will fly.

At my nephew's wedding in Holland, Michigan

Ron and his sisters                                                                  Barb and her brother and sisters

November 24
I am sorry that it has been so long since I updated our we site, but we have both been busy. I directed a play which opened November 7 and 8 and we had a full house each night. The play was extremely funny and our actors loved it. Here are a couple of  pictures from the dress rehearsal. Our next play will be the end of February so if anyone is in the Phoenix area then, let me know and I will get you good seats. http://www.movinon.net/VillagePlayers/main.html

Since last April we have joined a new church and both have gotten very active. I am chairperson of Fellowship and Ron is Stewardship chairperson. I am also teaching a class on how to write your life story which is fun. Well that takes a lot of time and energy.

Happy Thanksgiving

December 20

Ron and I want to wish you much health and happiness in 2009 and of course a Very Merry Christmas. I have been helping our pastor with PowerPoint slide shows to go with his sermons and he gave me this song with words to put into a slide show. It turned out so pretty that I want to share it with you. But I tried and tried and can't make it work. So Merry Christmas.


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