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           What's New from April 2001

April 6, 2001
We had great fun in Sierra Vista but I forgot to take my camera so again there is no mystery picture. You might have guessed Tombstone easily anyway. 

The Rally in the Valley is one of the best we have ever attended. Too bad you couldn't have come to meet us there. It was just the right size so that everyone became acauainted easily and we all had a ball. The only complaint (after the fact) is that there was way too much food to eat. 

We happen to have phone hookups here so I have managed to find time to change the question on the quizlett but there wasn't room to have full-timing as an option so this question is only for those of you who are still waiting to hit the road. Our colums will be posted soon. 

April 7, 200
Here are some pictures of the Rally in the Valley. You will notice that most involve food. What fun!!

Every morning started with a continental breakfast. 

After breakfast each day there was an informative seminar.

John Veach presented a wonderful seminar 
on all the communication tools we RVers have. 

One night we enjoyed all the pizza and salad we cared to eat. 

And every evening we enjoyed another seminar like this Tips and Tricks seminar.

One afternoon several of us played dominoes
followed by an ice cream social for all. 

Another evening we had a pot luck which was divided up into many smaller tables.

We were not at the table with this delicious dessert but all wished they were.

Door prizes and visiting rounded out the rally. 
Sorry these pictures are kind of yellow. I tried to correct the color but couldn't do a very good job. 

Later April 7, 2001
I have just added the newest articles from the Driver's Seat (Those Little Tin Houses) and Thoughts from Barb (Determination).

Sunday, April 8
I have been threatening to do something for a long time and now I have done it. I deleted our message board, but I am routing everyone to a really terrific message board at www.rvamerica.com. Here is a link directly to their  message board. It is very active and all your questions can be answered there. Have fun.

Remember that I will be in the hospital for a few days. My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. Talk to ya later. 

Sunday April 15
The surgery went well and I came home late Thursday. The Mayo Clinic is really a terrific hospital. I will be recovering here at home for a while, but in a few days when I feel better I will start working on some more of those old newsletter stories. 

Wednesday April 18
I just added one of the issues of our Old Newsletter. You can find it by clicking here. January 1994

While fond memories of our camp out still linger, I have a few more photos to add. Our resident photographer, Toni Taddai (and he is a professional) send me a cd with lots of great shots taken while they were on one of the morning hikes. These are so beautiful that I want to share them and I have made them a little bigger than normal so hang in there while they load. 

The serious hikers amidst a hill of wild flowers. 

The hikers at the top of the trail.

This was the view as we gathered around the campfire. Wish you could have been there with us.

Saturday, April 21
I judt added another issue from our Old Newsletter. You can find it by clicking here.
March 1994

Wednesday, April 24
I am continuing to rest and recover from surgery, but I have had time to add yet another issue from our Old Newsletter. You can find it by clicking here. April 1994  Hope you like it.

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