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          What's New from April 2002

March 30, 2002
Today is the actual anniversary of the day we started our full-timing life in 1989 so I am posting everything a little early. We will celebrate tonight and toast to many more years in this wonderful lifestyle. We really are blessed. 

We have added a map at the bottom of this page which will show you our travels in the last year or so. We will update it as we move.

I just found a neat web site and have added it to our Links Page. If you are looking for a used RV or if you are trying to sell one try this. 

  • I have just uploaded the following pages:
  • Since I (Barb) am the one who uploads this web site I get the last word. I can't resist mentioning his new article.

    Ron never tells me what he is going to write about. The first time I get to see it is after it is written. It is often an insight to me and his most recent article really made me laugh. The very next day after he wrote that, we shopped and shopped and ran errands for hours. I joked that we were having a nice "do nothing" day. Actually we have been busy here, but now I know that I can keep him pretty busy before he gets stressed about it. 


    How do (will) you get your reoccuring perscription medicines as a full-timer?

    350 responded

    •  31%   Wal-Mart
    • 13%   Walgreens
    • 7%   Other national pharmacy
    • 35%   Mail order pharmacy
    • 6%   Trips to Mexico or Canada
    • 8%   Other
    I have also changed our Quizlet. 
    As full-timers how many miles does (will) your RV move each year. These miles should not include the tow vehicle or toad. Please go to our questionaire to vote. I have moved that quiz to a stand alone page and included results from other months on that page also so it will be easier for you to find all the quiz responses. Thanks in advance to all who participate. .

    Last Month's Mystery Picture
    Quite a few guessed last month's picture, but none were correct. Some of the guesses were: Two Harbors, Minnesota; Apodaca Park in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Narragansett, Rhode Island, and Cherokee, NC. You will understand why there were so many different guesses when you go to the  Guess Page and click on the correct answer.

    New Mystery Picture

    Where were we when I snapped this photo? I smeared the name of the town on the plaque (that would be a bit too easy wouldn't it?). To play from this month and other months please go to our Guess Page

    April 2
    I feel like a new woman. I am super curly. Karen does a terrific job; believe me, I won't go back to that shop in Florida. (It's a Female Thing).

    Thought you'd like to see how we are looking lately too. It was 6 months (and a total of 61 pounds) ago that we joined Weight Watchers. 

    There was a parade here yesterday and again today. Well, it seemed like one. RVs were pulling out of here like there was a bonus for those who left first. We will play  our musical horns Sunday as we pull out and head to California. 

    I will sure miss being able to be on line all the time. We will spend a week with Judy and Cec at their park in Bermuda Dunes (Palm Springs area) then we move into the park model at Desert Shadows in Cathedral City (same area). I am almost certain that I won't have a phone hookup at our site at either park. I have been spoiled. 

    Several have asked why it will take one month for the guys at The Paint Shop in Chino to paint the motorhome. They have to strip it all down to the bare outside then paint and that means several applications. It might even take an extra week, we were told. I will keep you posted on the process as much as I can. We will be one and one half hour from the paint facility. 

    I haven't even started to make a list of all that we have to move into our temporary house. You can be sure I will have a report on that too.

    April 6
    We drove into Phoenix this morning so we could attend the Arizona Book Festival. Our favorite author, Diana Gabaldon of Arizona, was one of the featured novelists and was scheduled to speak. 

    If you haven't discovered her books yet start with The Outlander and read them in order. Second in line is Dragonfly in Amber, then The Voyager, then Drums of Autumn. After we had read all four (they are really big books) and while waiting for book five (The Fiery Cross) to come out, we read them all again. Yes, Ron can't get enough of her writing either. This is the first time in my life I have read a book for the second time and they were still a joy to read.  As a speaker, she was just as wonderful as her books are. She explained how she felt that she had a novel in her but didn't want to tell any one she was writing a novel. She didn't even know for sure where to start; the rest is history.

    Not only is she a terrific author, but a fascinating woman as well. With a masters degree in marine biology, a bachelors degree in zoology and a Ph.D. in ecology she spent a dozen years as a university professor before turning to write fiction full-time. Her very first book was and still is a big hit. She looks so young to have accomplished so much. You will fall in love with her characters.

    Ron just put the bikes on the car, dumped and is now putting the hitch in place on the car so he won't have much to do in the morning. We should be on the road by 9 a.m.

    April 10
    Our trip to the Palm Springs area this past Sunday was easy. We are technically in Bermuda Dunes (near Indio) this week and glad to be with our good friends Judy and Cec. They have a lot at Golden Pond. After we move to our park model I will  update this page again. 

    Tuesday, April 16
    We are all moved into the park model here at Desert Shadows in Cathedral City, California. We pulled the motorhome over here Sunday and with the help of Judy and Cec, we emptied all that we thought we might need for a month into the park model we had rented. Early Monday morning we then drove the motorhome to The Paint Shop in Chino where it will be painted. It was sad to leave our home but we are comfortable here and this is really a very nice park. Many people don't understand what a park model is so I thought pictures might help some. 
    Our Temporary House

    front and back

    side and porch

    living room and kitchen

    dining area and bedroom

    extra room at the end of the porch
    Park models are traditionally only as long as most RVs, but they are 12 feet wide. When a  porch or sun room (in Arizona these rooms are called Arizona Rooms and in Florida, Florida rooms) is added it makes for quite a bit of livable space. There are RV sites in most parks that have park models so both RVers and snowbirds can play together. 

    Desert Shadows is a very nice park which is next door to Outdoor Resorts and close to shopping. There is lots of green grass and well manicured flowers. There are several pool/laundry room satellites. We are less than a block away from the closest pool and yesterday while I did laundry, Ron lounged in the hot tub and pool then sunned himself while reading. He did help me fold the clothes when they were dry. 

    The view down our street.

    Friday, April 19
    My son Robert was here for a couple of days. He is in the Coast Guard stationed in Petaluma, California,  (north of San Francisco) and we were so excited that he had a week off and chose to ride his beautiful BMW motorcycle down here to spend a couple of days with us. We will see him again when we move north but it had been two years since we saw him last so I was excited to have a little time with him ahead of time.

    Sunday April 21
    I checked the quizlet the other day and was sad to see that few had responded. I wondered if it was because I had moved the link to it a couple of weeks ago. It had been a pop up window which  I thought might be annoying. I made a separate page for the quiz and included the results of past questions, but I put the link at the bottom of the main menu and guess a lot of people didn't see it. It is still there but I put a new link at the top of the page too. If you haven't taken part in this month's quiz, please take a moment to do so. Quizlet.

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