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What's New from April 2003

April 1
I am keeping the date of April 1 even though I am posting this a little early (March 28). With family coming, I didn't want to have to update this on the first. 

Notice the the list of places where we will be presenting seminars has grown. We hope this gives many of you a chance to come and see us. We don't have all the details on some yet, but as soon as I do I will post a link to the information page.

The house has finally been furnished and we are comfortable for now while the weather is beautiful. When it gets really hot we will be out of here. Besides furnishing our house, we have been busy with doctor and dentist appointments (long overdue) and we have started playing bridge on Tuesday evenings here in the village. The group is very friendly. We have also enjoyed entertaining some of our RVing friends who are in the area. Joe and Dee (full-timers for 5 years) bought a house in an adult commuity just down the road from us a year ago so we have enjoyed a couple of different evenings with them. We have a lot in common, but generally discuss our travels. I joined the newly formed theater group here at MountainBrook and will have fun helping with the melodrama that they will be next February. 

We made reservations for our two granddaughters who will fly into Spokane after we finish our week at the Life on Wheels. And hopefully Cec and I will still be able to bike Iowa as planned. She just got word that a shoulder problem is worse that first thought. She needs surgery and rehabilition and plans to get that done right away. Getting her shoulder repaired is the first priority.

We set the dates for the Movin' On Rally in the Canyon (October 2-5) and I have been thinking about the schedule. We will have lots of seminars, a pot luck, Q & A sessions, and best of all the one and only Michael and Dianne Killen will be entertaining us with their terrific music. Keep checking our web site and I will post the details soon. I promise. But in the meantime, mark your calendars.

Here are the latest pictures of the house. By the way if you are new to this site and don't know what we are talking about please go to the February and March Old What's New pages

The entry hall

The guest bedroom and master bedroom

the library

the living room

the kitchen/great room

My new article in Thoughts from Barb is When the Going Gets Tough, Move On. I sincerely hope it gets you thinking and talking with your partner. Ron's new article in From the Driver's Seat is What's so Special About Arizona?

New Mystery Picture
I fooled a lot of you last month. There were a lot of guesses but only two guessed correctly. Lets see how you do this month.  To play please go to our Guess Page.

April 6
We had a wonderful week with Ron's son and family. Karl, Donna, Mary and Richard arrived on March 28 and only left this morning. Our house was not crowded and we just had fun being together and doing some sight seeing. We'd like to share a few pictures of their visit.

Karl, Donna, Mary and Richard look small next to the saguaros and the mountains.

Karl, Richard and Ron*******Mary and Richard

Karl and Richard  *** Donna and Mary

April 14
Judy and Cec drove over from Palm Springs to spend a few days with us as house guests for a few days. They joked about being able to stay in a "real" bed. (That is a full-timers joke). It was nice to see them. Cec is recovering from surgery on her right shoulder so we didn't do anything strenuous. 

I am trying to get back to work on this web site and made some progress. I have just uploaded another of our old newsletter stories. This one from October 1995 is about Southwestern Colorado. I think you will like it. 

April 21
I am trying to firm up things for the Movin' On Rally in the Canyon which is scheduled for October 2-5. The price for the  three day rally will be somewhere between $70 and $75 (depending on how many units will attend) for the three nights with the option of coming a day early and/or staying a day later at only $19 per day. The above fee will include your full hook up site, all amenities at the park (pool, tennis, etc.), seminars, entertainment, and a great time. We will have a fun get acquainted evening the first night, coffee and donuts one morning, a pot luck one evening, and there will be lots of time to pick each other's brains. Besides the things we have planed (it will be fairly loose) we will direct some to Silly Mountain (across the street) for a nice hike or we can also go across the street to the old fashioned soda fountain. And not far away is, Apache Land, Tortilla Flat and Goldfield.  There is a lot to see and do in the immediate area and it will just be a fun time in a beautiful location. 
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