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What's New From April 2005

April 1
I have been sick the whole month. In fact, I had a fever the week of the play but didn't get a proper diagnosis until two weeks later. I have Valley Fever which is common here in the desert southwest. Valley Fever is caused by a fungus which lives in the soil here and gets airborne when construction is going on or the wind blows. It is my understanding that most of the people living in the desert eventually get it although most never even know it. If you are interested in learning more about this disease click on the link below. I am getting better every day so I expect a full recovery soon. Valley Fever. 

Ron's daughter, Susie,  and granddaughter, Taylor, are coming for a visit and will arrive tonight. We are taking a little trip to the Grand Canyon (Susie has never been west) and will stay over night at the lodge. We are so excited to share the glories of Arizona with them both. 

Other than recovering and being excited about company, Ron still goes to school three mornings a week to tutor his little first graders, and I am still involved with our theater group. Believe it or not we are auditioning for next year's play and since I am the director for this play, I am very involved in this process. Next month I will tell you all about our plans for a special trip. Stay tuned. 

Last month's question was: After you decided you wanted to full-time, how long did (will) it take to get on the road? 
Four categories got the most votes and were very close. Under a year, About a year, Between two and three years and Three to five years. 

The new question is:  When you made the decision to full-time, did you also consider how long you would stay on the road? To participate in the new question and to see the complete results from last month please go to the poll page

New Mystery Picture

Quite a few correctly guessed last month's Mystery Picture. If you are curious and want to play the game please click on the following link and play the game. Mystery Picture page

This could be tough, but then again, if you have been around, you will recognize it fairly easily. 

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