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What's New From April 2006

April 1, 2006
Recently we had a little cold spell here and for the first time in ages (I mean this is really rare) our beloved Superstition Mountains were covered with snow. It was a beautiful sight.

The other reason to celebrate was it was our first bit of precipitation in 143 days. We needed the rain/snow. Now the cactus are sprouting beautiful blossoms. It is great to be here at this time of year. 

I have added another of our old newsletters to the Our House section and am working on yet another one. The one that is posted is from June 1997 and is about Colorado and points east. 

Last month's question was:  As a full-time RVer will you take your RV to Mexico?
To see the complete results please go to the poll page

The new question is: As a full-timer how do (will) you get your reoccuring prescription drugs?
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