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What's New from April 1999
Posted April 4
Fool's Follies
Pictures taken at dress rehearsal
I apologize for the quality. I didn't have time to pose the acts and use correct lighting.
And this just represents a small part of our show.
School Girls
 The School time Girls--------------------  the second grader picking her nose
Kindergarten---My mother told me not to suck my thumb
1st grade---My mother told me not to wet my pants
2nd grade---My mother told me not to pick my nose
3rd grade---My mother told me not to throw spit balls
4th grade---My mother told me not to be a tom boy
5th grade---My mother told me to eat my vegetables
6th grade---My mother told me not to talk with my mouth full.
7th grade---My mother told me not to stuff my bra.
8th grade---My mother told me not to wear my skirts short.
9th grade---My mother told me not to wear so much make up and jewelry
10th grade---My mother told me not to flirt.
11th grade---My mother told me that she didn't care what all the other gang members did, I shouldn't smoke or drink.
12 grade---My mother didn't tell me nothin' (she is pregnant).

The bricklayer storyYou Light up my Life
Henri Meyer and The bricklayer story        Dewey and Norma Barr in You Light up my Life

Perfect Isn't Easy
Iris and Carol as a Couple of Swells                             Jean Kerr singing Perfect Isn't Easy

The Old Lady and the ThiefThe English Professor
Paul and Dan in the Old Lady and the Thief                    Merle as the professor
The Three Legged ManJoyce in My Blue Heaven
Boyd Harris as The Three Legged Man         Joyce Butler---My Blue Heaven
The Follies Girls
The Vdo Follies girls and guys (dressed as girls)

Sally putting make up on Nancy     Lorene & Art DeWayne (the sound crew)
Waiting back stage before the show starts.
waiting back stage
waiting back stagewaiting back stage
After the show we wait for the Domino's Man
After the show
Pizza time

Karen & Patrick Johnston
Karen was my right arm for the show handling publicity and tickets.
Patrick was our MC. These newlywed full-timers are very special friends of ours.
We wrote about Karen in our book, Movin' On  (page 265).

Posted April 8
I just posted new letters and Coffee Break articles and think they are very interesting. Check them out.

Posted April 22
I have just changed the Our House Has Wheels section. I hope you like it and will be interested in your comments. I have also just added a new guest article which we think is cute.

Within the next week or so I will be completely redoing the message board. I hope to cut and paste the most interesting letters into a more orderly fashion.

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