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What's New from August 1998

Posted August 4, 1998
Still Traveling We have been so busy having fun that I am behind in my posting. I have just printed the newest newsletter and that will have to hold you for a while. I cannot be on line for long right now but will add more good stuff soon. Thank you for your patience.

Posted August 16, 1998
New pages posted  By the time you read this we will have updated the Places, Our House Has Wheels and  Potpourri pages of this web site. There are lots of new things to read and we hope they are helpful and enjoyable. 

You can have your cake and eat it too  Thought some of you might be interested in this unusual 5th wheel tow vehicle. The owner said he devised this purpously so they could have a car once they are in camp.

Friends Besides all of the wonderful scenery we saw while in Canada a highlight was being with our friends the Stewarts and Mencimers. We got together every evening for a few hours. One special evening we celebrated  Dick and Carols 19th anniversary with a lovely dinner prepared by Gary & Maryellen and followed by desserts at the elegant Lake Louise Hotel. We finally got a group picture when we met up at the glacier and asked another tourist to snap it.

1)Gary pouring champagne  2)Carol & Dick Stewart  3)Maryellen, Gary, Dick, Carol, Ron & Barb

We are Grandparents again  Ron's youngest daughter, Susie, and her husband Ross had another little girl June 30th. They have named her Cassidy. We hear that sister Taylor is a big help and everyone is fine.

 A little piece of heaven I like to put little sticky notes on pages in my atlas when people give me good hints. Here's one for you. Look on your Idaho map and find route 93 where it comes south from Missoula and north of Idaho Falls. Between mile marker 161 and 162 (14 miles north of Challis) is a wonderful BLM campground right on the Salmon River. The sites are long, level, asphalt and there are shade trees. There are no hookups but we just finished three wonderful days there and wow are we  relaxed. We each read two books because we didn't bother with TV or computers not wanting to run the generator and ruin the peace and quiet. We cooked outside on our Coleman stove. I even made our coffee out there in my old Mirro aluminum coffee pot. For us senior citizens the charge for camping was only $3 per night. What a bargain. This is a brand new (May 98) campground and not in any campground directory. We just happened upon it which is a good reason for not making reservations.

Where do we go from here?  We are in Thayne, Wyoming, working steady 8-10 hours a day and preparing the book for editing. It is quiet  and pleasant here so we are getting a lot acomplished. On our next report we expect to be able to tell you when you can expect the book to be available and will tell you more about it.

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