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What's New From August 2005

August 1
Oh, my gosh. It is August already. That means it is just a little over a month before we head to England. We are preparing by going back on our Weight Watcher programs and excersing regularly. We know we will probably gain weight in England (I love their bread, cheese and treacle pudding---I love all of their food). We gained when we were biking everyday so why wouldn't we gain when we are not biking? Oh, but muscle weighs more than fat, right? 

I am preparing a large notebook for our English friends. In it I am telling them where the nearest and best grocery stores are, where the hospital and doctors can be found and where to go for shopping. I am also reviewing some of our favorite menues and I am including sample menues from most of the restaurants. Then in another section I am listing interesting things to see. I hope that helps them on their visit here.

We went to a world map store this week and purchased maps of England, Wales and Scotland. These are fairly detailed road maps and I also ordered some travel books so we can start planning for our adventure there. 

Home exchanging is such a neat idea that we plan to tell you all about it. More people should do it. 

New article on our web site.
I just uploaded another of our old newsletter stories. This one is from April 1997 and goes from Florida to California with stops along the way. April 1997

Last month's question was: How well do you know the workings of your RV?  I am not posting the responses here because it was so varied. It is best for you to see them all together. To see the complete results from last month please go to the poll page

The new question is: What is your marital status as a full-timer or full-timer wannabee?
This question was suggested by a reader who wants to know how many singles are full-timing. To participate in the new question please go to the poll page

New Mystery Picture
I really stumped everyone last month even when I gave you a big clue. You will want to go to the  Mystery Picture page and play the game. Okay this one might  be tough too, but come on and try. I smudged out the name of the company on the sign because it wouldn't be a game anymore. I will tell you that this place is way west of the Mississippi River and in a popular tourist area. 

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