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What's New from August 1999

Posted August 12, 1999---See the newsletter for details

Downtown Sturgis before the rally actually started.   Isn't Ron cute?

Something different

Watching Buffalo at Custer State Park

Motorcycles were everywhere for the Sturgis Rally

Ron at Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota

Badlands National Park

Having fun with friends

Dinner with Dante and Claudia at the Hart Ranch & My singing barber after my hair cut.

Mount Rushmore National Monument-- Rapid City, South Dakota

We get a closer look by hiking the trail

and learn about how the moutain was carved

Chief Crazy Horse (a work in progress) near Rapid City, South Dakota

  What the mountain will look like when finished and what has been done so far

Scenes from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota

Young Theodore Roosevelt in the national park

His original cabin outside and inside
Medora, North Dakota

The General store      Post Office     Rough Rider Hotel

The Pitchfork Fondue and the Musical

The set for the musical

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