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What's New from December 2001

December 3
I am sorry that this update is late but the good news is that I have just uploaded the following pages: Our site here at the John Prince Campground in Lake Worth, Florida, is really wonderful. There are miles of bike/hike paths and a lake to walk around. Only a short distance away is the beautiful beach at Lake Worth and we often go there for our morning walk. 

We pick grandson, Erkki, up from school every afternoon and make sure he does his homework. 
My daughter, Glenda, has a big, busy business. Crystal Creations is everyone's destination if they are interested in beads. She works hard so we are happy to help her out a bit. I have even spent several hours bagging beads here at the motorhome besides taking care of Erkki after school and on weekends. 

Crystal Creations is Beads, Beads everywhere and classes to show you what to do with them. 
Better late than never here are a few pictures of Savannah. I didn't take as many as I should have because I didn't want to carry the camera with me all the time. We had an enjoyable time in the city and at Skidaway State Park.  We walked all of the squares in the city (the city is made up of 21 squares) and  read the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for great information on the city and its people. In the near future I plan to do a complete story of our trip south. Please be patient as I have a few other irons in the fire right now.

We were impressed with the beautiful ironwork in the city

The stairway is from the house on the left

A new Mystery Picture. This one is really different and the only clue I will give you is that is was downtown in one of the towns we visited recently. 
If you want to see the answer or to play the game from other months please go to our Guess page.

December 5
A few days ago we saw this most unusual RV in the park here. I just remembered that  I forgot to include these pictures in my recent update. Built and owned by Antti Rahko from Lantana, Florida, (large Finnish community) this 1984 Chevy Van is really five vans. It has five axles (three of which turn), 140 lights, 40 different car parts. The front van is the motorhome and the trailer is the sauna which is most appropriate since the sauna is very important to the Finnish people. When I stopped by to take the pictures, three adults (all red and with beads of perspiration) were coming out of the beautifully appointed sauna. 

Notice the gas grill on the side of the van (under the awning). This motorhome has all the conveniences of home plus some.

The sauna which is towed by the primmary van. 

December 26
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We did. It has really been a struggle to do any web updating while here, but now that we will be in Tampa for the month of January, I promise to keep everything up to date. 

I need to apologize for my hastily written Movin' On Update which was full of mistakes. I wrote it in a matter of seconds when I knew I could get to a land line and send it out. Please forgive me. 

December 27
We arrived at Lazy Days and checked into the campground which is much improved from two years ago. Everything is wonderful and Lazy Days has a huge stock of new and used RVs. We checked our seminar schedule and discovered that two have been changed so we just posted a new and revised schedule. Please check it if you are counting on attending one of our seminars. We are still settling in and have a few busy days but I plan to do more work on our web site as soon as I get a chance.

If you are in the Tampa area, please tune into Fox 13 on January 2 at 7 a.m. We will be on Good Day Tampa Bay during the whole morning show. Let us know what you think and please plan to stop by for a visit. 

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