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What's New from December 1999
  The complete details  to go with these pictures are in the appropriate newsletters.

Posted November 26, 1999
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my cousin Mary's house. Of course Aunt Genevieve was there too. We are still sitting in the parking lot behind Pro-Tech in Seguin, Texas, but things are progressing. The car (well, really the Toyota truck which I call a car) is getting fixed so we don't have to give up our old faithful Toyota.

Lots of food for a hungry crowd             Barb and her Aunt Genevieve

                                                                               Aunt Gen, Barb and cousin Mary

Posted November 29, 1999
We are very excited!! I just received the class schedule for the Life on Wheels Conference in San Marcos in which we (and lots of other great RV writers) will be participating. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity to learn lots of RV stuff. Check it out. Click here then call to register so we can meet you there. The cost for attending the conference is $150 per person and worth much more than that.

Posted December 1, 1999
They still haven't started working on our motorhome; they are waiting for parts so we sit. We did take a little tour of Seguin which is a very historic and charming town. And we went with friends, Ed & Laurie Waples, to the Riverwalk in San Antonio to see the Christmas lights. Here are a few pictures.

A few sights from Seguin---I will do a whole story later

The beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk

And when I saw Santa, I couldn't resist telling him what I want for Christmas

Posted December 6, 1999
We've moved to a condo in New Braunfels.......temporarily.

After a long period of identifying the parts needed for the motorhome, work has started and we are pleased with what they are doing. There were two pages of parts that had to be identified by number and some of them have to be manufactured by the Fleetwood. There were a lot of phone calls and faxes going back and forth between the repair facility here in Texas and American Coach in Decatur, Indiana. It took about ten working days to get all that done and then they discovered some compressor and radiator damage when they got the damaged rear grill off.

So what are we doing in a condo? This past week they started working on the motorhome and we had to be gone during the day and then the motorhome wasn't available until after 6 p.m. every night. Although there are a lot of things to see and do around here it was getting to be a chore and quite tiring to be out of our "home" every day. There were times when we simply wanted to take a nap and we don't like to eat restaurant food every day. In addition, it really looks like the repairs won't be done until after Christmas. We told the insurance company that we wanted to go into a motel suite where we could prepare a few meals and they asked us to scout around and see if we could get a weekly rate. The commercial motels really didn't have large suites and only had a small refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave available. Those were almost $400 a week, so Barb happened to notice an ad in the tourist brochure for New Braunfels Resort Accomodations.  We ended up getting a beautiful condo right on the Comal River with everything imaginable including two large bedrooms, dishwasher, washer, dryer, complete kitchen, fireplace, and cable TV all for $1,050 a month (we'll probably be here four weeks). It even has an outdoor hot tub right next to the patio. The insurance company is happy and so are we. Except the move was like moving.

Although we will be happy here for a while, I already long for our real home. I would trade the dishwasher and garbage disposal for the convection oven in our Dream in a minute. But it is kind of nice to have a washer and dryer. But this place is just too big. We feel like little fish in a big fishbowl.

I will be doing a newsletter in a day or two (when I recover from moving) but in the mean time, here are the pictures of our temporary house. I even carried our Christmas decorations from the motorhome and put them up. We are trying very hard to adjust to this trying time. I told someone that God wanted us here for some reason and we are trying to make the best of it.

In the newsletter we will have a report on our visit to historic Gonzales, Texas, the Christmas Vespers at Texas Lutheran University (awesome) and the Christmas home tour in Seguin.

Entrance---- small but complete kitchen---- living room part 1

Living room part 2----dining room looking into kitchen---guest bedroom

And here is the Toyota in repair.

Posted December 7, 1999
We just received the Premier issue of the new RV Companion magazine. All wannabees and new RVers will love this publication. There is an introductory offer which you shouldn't refuse--- $10.00 for 6 issues. Call 1-800-382- 0860 for more information or to order. For a preview click here.

Posted December 11, 1999
I just sent out and posted the newest newsletter plus a great story about Pro-tech RV Service in Seguin. Also added a story about historic Gonzales, Texas.  Letters and Coffee Break will come later, but the newest offering from the Driver has been posted.

Posted December 20, 1999
Work is progressing slow but sure.  But we are still here in our lonely condo. It was full of life for a couple of days while my son Jim, and his family came for a weekend visit. Now that they are gone and we still aren't moving, I get a little melancholy. I haven't been able to do the Letters and Coffee Break---it is just too tedious on the laptop. And it sets too high here on this table. It will just have to wait until we get back "home."

December 23, 1999
I have been helping Debbie at Pro-Tech with her web site and it is terrific. Soon they will have an "ask the techs" page where you will be able to email them with technical questions and receive answers. We know you will love getting this kind of help since Ron is not known for his mechanical expertise. I won't write again until after Christmas. Our best wishes go out to all of you.

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