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What's New from December 2000
December 1, 2000
I am not doing well on the chat room. My days are very full here and so are my evenings. Every once in a while I pop in two hours late to find that people were there waiting for me. I hope that others drop in anyway.

I am teaching classes every day and doing all the scheduling for the computer club. Here is a picture of the new computer room here at our park. We have 16 new Gateway computers for teaching classes. We have full classes every day and it is fun to help the folks here learn.

Here's a new Mystery picture too. Where were we the other day? Here is a hint: It is only a few miles from where we are here at Valle del Oro. If you want to play the game please go to our Guess page and see how much you know.

December 2, 2000
Good friends (Judy and Cec) are here visiting for two weeks and they were lucky enough to get the site behind us. They brought with them their new toy---a fireplace, grill which they purchased from Harbor Freight for only $39.00. It has been great for sitting out on our cool evenings. I want one.

The chat room is open all the time, but not many have been visiting. We set specific times at noon and 8 p.m. EST (eastern time) and thought that more would show up then. Keep trying and I will try to get there but lately we have been busy volunteering and at both times, we are usually gone already. 

December 10
The other day we drove out to Tortilla Flats for lunch then on to Fish Canyon (route 88 north of Apache Junction. Driving down and into the canyon is a fun trip on a twisty dirt road. We found rock climbers up on some of the rocks.

December 11
Tomorrow is the first audition for the VDO follies so I will be extra busy from now until February 17. But I just changed the quizlett to something new. Go to the main menu to vote. And if you are using AOL to access the web, you might not be able to vote. After you are on line go to the web via Internet Explorer or Netscape and then you will be able to vote.

December 23, 2000
We just returned from a little anniversary trip without the motorhome. I can't tell you where we went because the pictures I took will make up the next mystery picture. I can tell you that we had fun and are glad to be back home. Vacations are like that you know. Please accept our best wishes for a peaceful, blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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