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What's New From December 2006

December 2006 
I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I just got out of the hospital. I had an awful experience with my routine colonoscopy which was done the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. What I thought was just an excessive amount of gas turned out to be a bruised spleen, pleurisy and pneumonia. The good news is that since getting out of the hospital on Monday, I am feeling better. I even decorated the house and am enjoying the feeling of Christmas. 

Ron and I are going to go on a cruise starting December 11 and ending December 21. We will leave from San Diego and cruise around Mexico. We just want to enjoy the cruise and be pampered before I start rehearsing for our next play here. I intend to go to the spa almost daily, and get lots of  reading done. 

Our ports on this cruise are Pt Vallarta, Mazatlan, Topolobampo, Loreto, LaPaz and Cabo San Lucas. 

Last month's question was: As a full-timer, do you (will you) carry protection (fire arm)?
I thought the results were interesting. They can be found on our Poll Page.

The new question is: As a full-timer do you (will you) buy holiday/birthday gifts for your spouse or significant other?
Please go to The Poll Page


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