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What's New from December 1998

Posted December 7, 1998
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. All of the colorful lights on all the RVs and park models look warm and friendly and the temperature outside reminds us of December in Michigan. On this day, the heavy dark clouds blocked the sun most of the day, and I don't think the temperature got much above the low 50's. Now it is in the low 30s. It feels like it may snow yet.

Movin' On is moving across the country
Itís been a stressful week and hopefully things will slow down now. On Wednesday a big Yellow semi truck arrived at our site with almost a thousand books. We had expected them on Friday, so arrangements for shipping had to be rescheduled and we had only four hours to arrange for a room and get helpers together along with all the shipping materials (large envelopes, labels, stamps, tape, etc) and of course the books. Many of our former Moviní On subscribers are in the park and it was easy to get together eight couples. We worked assembly line fashion from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. except for a pizza break. Ron picked up eight pizzas and we had soft drinks available. The slowest part of the job fell upon us because we wanted to autograph all of the books and add a few words in some cases. Although we had a head start, we fell behind about half way through. That gave the others a chance to visit a little.

Bonnie and Don Maus drove down from Happy Trails, Cec & Judy drove over from Apache Junction and the rest were here in the park. Dante Rusillo and Claudia Beach, Grant and Nancy Joy, Fred and Pamily Handy and Elaine & Bud Hamm were the other workers who worked their butts off. They all had a good time, but we were stressed out because of the responsibility involved in getting everything done right. The next morning Ron took the pickup along with two cars (volunteers) loaded with books to the post office. They allowed us to deliver them to their loading dock in the rear and that helped. This morning, Ron took another load over that we have done since the shipping party. We are preparing the ones that go to the media for reviews and articles and that will amount to several hundred. Cover letters and information have to go with those books.

All together we packaged over 620 books and were done in about three and one half hours. I'd appreciate hearing from all of you when you get your book and look it over. We are anxious to hear what you think of it and we want to know that you got them okay.

For those of you who did not order ahead of time, you may now order by calling our toll free number. 1-800-247-6553. The price of the book is $16.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. It should be several months before the books are in Camping World,  Amazon.com and other book stores because they have a review process they have to go through first. Lazy Days in Florida has already ordered a good supply and they will be on display there in just a few days.

We had a great visit with my son Jim, Sue, Kristopher and James over Thanksgiving. We took a little trip out to our favorite tourist spot, Tortilla Flat and included a stop at Goldfield. They enjoyed the sights on that drive. At Tortilla Flat we met up with a pretty mean guy, but the little boys took care of him in no time. 

The kids got in a lot of pool time and I got my computer upgraded. Jim added a new hard drive for me and now I have 7.6 g of hard drive, with the 80 mg RAM we had already added before.

We will be away from the phone line for a couple of weeks when we go to California over the holidays. We will be back on-line the end of December.

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