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What's New from December 2003

December 1, 2003
I put up our Christmas tree over the Thanksgiving weekend and Ron kept saying over and over again, "Life was simpler in our motorhome."  Perhaps he said that because we decorated our Christmas tree twice. We took our 12 foot regular (fake) tree out of the living room and carried it to the bedroom to make room to put our Christmas tree. I put our new tree up in the living room and spend hours decorating it but it looked lost. Our ceilings are so high that the little 6 1/2 foot tree looked even smaller than it was. I was going to take the tree back and get a taller one when we thought that perhaps it might look okay in the hallway. So I took all the decorations off, we moved the tree, and I decorated it again. It looks fine there. At least we didn't have to take it back and exchange it on that Friday after Thanksgiving. When we brought the tall tree back to its normal place, we decided that we could decorate that and make it also look like Christmas.

Left to right. 
The Christmas tree in the living room, in the hall and the regular tree back in place with Christmas lights.

I have added my newest article titled It's the Nature of the Beast. It might be something to think about.
Ron's article is Holidays on the Road.

Mystery Picture
Last month really stumped everyone or else no one is bothering to even guess anymore. Only two or three attempted to guess and they were wrong. If you'd like to try your luck at guessing please go to our Guess page. I am hoping for a better bunch of guesses this month. 

December 5
We just received notification from Norm and Linda Payne that their web site had been updated with their latest news and a couple of new articles. Two especially are a must for every RVer to read. I am adding the links here so you won't miss it. Traveling Ignorant.  RVing 101. 

December 22
I just posted a new and wonderful link on our Links Page to help all of you wannabe boondockers. Check it out. Boondocking Guide

We just returned from a short trip (via plane) to Michigan for the Hofmeister Christmas party. We came back with colds but the sunshine here sure makes us feel better now. We are very excited about Christmas here and wish all of you the best of Holiday Cheer.

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