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What's New From December 2004

December 1

We flew to Kansas City, Missouri, to be with my youngest son and his family for Thanksgiving. We arrived on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and woke up Wednesday morning to a beautiful sight---7 fresh, white new inches of snow. It was lovely to see. I ran right out and tried to make a snowman, but the snow was so wet, I couldn't roll it into a ball so we just tried to build one from the ground up. It was fun even though I didn't have the right clothing and got a little cold. I don't own a set of boots or mittens. My daughter-in-law let me use her mittens but my feet got wet (we don't wear the same size shoe).

This trip we just made was our third time to fly since we sold our motorhome a little over a year ago. I say never again. I hate flying. Traveling was so easy in our motorhome except we wouldn't go to places like Kansas City or Michigan in the winter. So who needs snow and cold? 

Last month's poll was interesting.
As a full-time RVer how will (do) you get your snail mail? Thirty-seven percent (37%) will get their mail at Escapees mail/message service. The next highest percentage (18%) would have their children take care of their mail for them. To see the entire results of the poll, please go to the Poll page.

Our new poll question is:  As a full-time RVer do you (will you) keep to an itinery and make lots of reservations or will you travel loose?  To participate please go to our Poll page.

New Mystery Picture

A lot of people responded to last month's mystery picture and all but one was correct. To see if you were right please go to the Mystery Picture page and play the game.

This month could be difficult but I have faith that you will come through with the right answer. I deliberately smeared the name of the store so you can't look it up on the web. 

December 2
I have a couple more pictures from our Kansas trip that I wanted to share.

You can tell that they weren't ready for snow. Look the grass underneath was still green. It had been in the 60s the weekend before.

Sue, my son Jim, James and Kristopher with the dog Tess on a walk a couple of days after the snow.

We have been decorating the house and I wanted to share my new hobby. Well it is not new. Long ago, before I even met Ron, I used to do a lot of ceramics and in fact I had made this pair probably in the early 70's then sold them when we went on the road. So I joined the ceramic group here and made them again. They fit nicely over the organ (also a thing of the past that we have added to our house again). 

Close ups of their faces.
We moved the organ into the great room for Christmas and put the tree up in the hall which is what we did last year. We didn't have the organ last Christmas so I have been busy practicing Christmas songs. 

December 15
Merry Christmas everyone. I have a wonderful present for all of you. Arline Chandler's new book, Road Work II: The RVers Ultimate Income Resource Guide, just arrived and is it wonderful. No, it is more than wonderful. It is huge (just shy of 500 pages) and so full of great information that if you can't find an idea on how to hit the road and save tons of money with this book, then you might as well forget it. It sells for $19.95 but book should sell for three times the money; it is that valuable. It is so new that it is not for sale on Amazon yet, but you can order it from Workamper News by clicking on this link. Road Work II

In case you weren't aware Arline Chandler is a teacher at Life on Wheels and this is her fourth (and best) book. It is her daughter, Debbie Robus, who with her husband Greg own and operate Workamper News. That too is a great resource. 

Ron and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and hope you holiday if filled with the warmth of love, the glow of happiness and the fun of adventure. 

December 24
Many of you have read our books and will remember the stories of our time as volunteers in Yosemite National Park. Everyone loved reading about our granddaughter Liisa's visit and her experience of being a pioneer with us. Well I just got a Christmas email from her and wanted to share it will all of you. She lives in Finland with her new husband.


Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I heard my mom and brother are coming there to visit you!!! I so wish I could be there too!! Please please send me some pictures if you can I would love to see you all together! We are getting ready to go to Helsinki today and then Jaani's sister's house tomorrow then back to Helsinki.... No plans yet for the new years... Probably just home here with all our animals..

Well Good news too is I did it!!!! I graduated last Monday!!! Now I am Liisa Turunen RN, BSN.... I am so excited I graduated on time; in our class only half grauated on time because our Bachelours thesis took so much time... We just finished our thesis on the last minute and got a great grade... Now I am a bit lost with what to do next... It's weird not having to go to school anymore even though its only been a few days out of school I have no idea what to do next. I really enjoyed my last practice at the infant ICU and would like to do that Jaani still has about a year of school left and I was thinking I could go to the university and try and get my masters or just continue my studying focused on peadeatrics... Not sure yet... Anyways I am sending a picture of me getting my diploma.

I hope you have a Great Christmas and we see you soon.

Liisa RN, BSN 

Liisa is the one in the middle with the red top on.

December 26
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas with neighbors. On Christmas Eve, after church, we had the neighbors from the five houses surrounding our back yard over to our house for food and drinks. It was such fun to share memories of Christmases when we were all young. It was a great evening. but I forgot to take any pictures. 

Christmas day we were invited over to Bob and Cynthia's house (one of the neighbors who were here Christmas Eve) along with Guy and Mathie (our neighbors directly in back of us) for BBQ. It was a wonderful day. We love our neighbors.

Ron and Bob                                         Guy 

Barb, Ron, Mathie and Cynthia

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