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What's New from December 2002

December 1, 2002
Wow, the year is almost over. It is nice and sunny and warm here in West Palm Beach. We are enjoying our visit with daughter, Glenda and grandson, Erkki. Erkki who is 9 years old spends his days off with us and we have been trying to solve the new Harry Potter computer game. We will be picking him up from school every day and keeping him until nearly time for Glenda's store to close. Her holiday hours are long and we enjoy having him around. Glenda has no other family around. Erkki's father and big sister live in Finland and Glenda's father lives in Michigan. Her brothers are in California, Washington, and Kansas City so we are glad that we can move into town and help once in a while. 

For Thanksgiving we all went to the Ritz Carlton hotel for a magnificent brunch. This was a treat from Glenda. She and grandson Erkki are vegetarians so it is easier to go out to eat where they can order what they want and we get what we like. There was more food that one could ever imagine and included everything from caviar (not something any of us would eat) to the traditional l turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. We tried a lot of different things and enjoyed a very leisurely meal. We especially enjoyed lots of fresh fruit, unusual salads, wonderful breads, fresh jumbo shrimp and had tastes of several delicious desserts. 

I will be getting out our little Christmas tree and decorating our little house. It is such a festive time and nearly everyone in the campground will have their RVs decorated. We will take drives around neighborhoods as it gets closer to Christmas to see the houses in all their brilliant glory. Some really go all out. We may even go and see one of the Christmas boat parades. 

I have just added our two articles. 
Full Circle is the new article in Thoughts from Barb and Ron's Driver's Seat article is Holidays

New Mystery Picture

Last month wasn't very easy so you all deserve one that will be very easy. To play please go to our Guess Page.

December 8
We have been working every day and haven't had time to do much else. Ron says he has gone from "bean counter" to bead counter. That is what we are doing at my daughter's shop---counting beads and packaging them. They sell almost as fast as we can package them. I will take pictures when we are at work Monday.

On a sad note, my dear father died yesterday. When we were in Michigan this past August Ron and I went to the nursing home to celebrate his 89th birthday. I fed him birthday cake and ice cream and helped him drink his juice. He didn't know me, but he sang and was in good spirits. Just after we were there he was put on hospice care and we have known it was just a matter of time. We are grateful for hospice care and that he is now at peace.  I won't be going to Michigan for the small family memorial service.

I spent the day yesterday showing my grandson, Erkki, my old family movies which had been put on video tape. Erkki (who had never met my dad) got to see him in the movies.  It was good for me to remember Dad as he used to be. He loved music and instilled that love in each of us kids and our children. He was also a patient teacher (but not professionally) and I will remember him trying and trying to teach me the times tables and short cuts to math. Math came easy to him (he was an engineer) and not to me. 

I want to share some news about satellite TV. and other major satellite companies which used to allow RVers to have the local channels from their home area had changed the rules of the game again. If one subscribes to the network channels you will only get New York and Los Angeles. The only way you can get your home city channels is to be in that area. Once you leave the area you are out of luck. This is called spot beaming of the signal. 

December 10
Here are some pictures of my daughter's bead shop. She really has a very successful business not only selling all kinds of beads but teaching all sorts of classes on beading. She even has guest teachers from all over the United States. Crystal Creations is located at the corner of Kirk and Forest Hill in the Woodhaven shopping plaza in West Palm Beach. 

We spend 6-8 hours a day sorting, counting and packaging beads of every shape and variety.

December 11
We have changed our schedule of seminars at Lazy Days just a bit. We are sad to say that we had to cancel the two Packing It In seminars. They were scheduled to be held in the afternoons on the 14th and 25th. 

December 12
Wanna Play?
We will be making a big announcement early in January and we thought it would be fun to make a little game out of guessing what that announcement will be. See if you can put the clues together and be the first to come up with the correct answer. The winner will receive a copy of Movin' On and a big pat on the back from us. We will not respond to any of the guesses; we don't want to reveal the surprise until time to do so. Mark your calendar and be sure to check this page on January 7 when we will upload the announcement as well as the winner's name and the names of others who came close. Yes, we will try to include a number of the incorrect responses too just for fun.

Put your thinking caps on and email us your answer.  Please include how you came up with your conclusion and your snail mail address in your email.

  1. 1.  A different direction.
  2. 2.  Named after a cactus which only grows in a small area of Arizona.
  3. 3.  Closely associated with something like walking under a ladder. 
  4. 4.  What the second little pig did.
  5. 5.  A German found gold... so the story goes.
  6. 6.  Belonging to an elevated piece of land which is larger than a hill plus a small stream or creek. 

December 13 
I got the biggest kick out of one of the answers to the new game that I had to share it. No one has correctly answered all of the points although some are close. Keep on sending those guesses. But no one can top this.
I know the answer

Barb, you are pregnant! 

Well, your looking so young now, it could happen.

Well, you had a lot of rain and down time lately. 

This is better then the "where are we" quiz. 

Tom and Dione Timreck
Livingston, TX 77399

December 18
A lot of you are close in your guesses but no one has come up with the real answer yet. Keep trying. Clues 2, 5, and 6 refer to a place. 

December 21
Our grandson Erkki, is in a theater group here in Lake Worth and we were able to see him in action as the king in the play The Princess and the Magic Pea. He did a super job (of course he was the best) and I'd like to share just a little in the way of pictures. All totaled they will have presented the play three times including two evening performances and one matinee. It is a very professional group and they all seemed to have fun.

Our king on the throne during the play.      Daughter Glenda and Erkki after the play.

On our way home from the play as we approached the intersection of Lake Worth and US 1 heading west, a woman ran a red light (that had been red a while too) and got us. It could have been worse but quick reacting Ron saw her coming and stopped but she still got the front bumper, front quarter panel and the forward part of the passenger door. No one was hurt. In the eleven years that we have owned our little truck, the body will have been completely replaced when this is fixed. The front passenger side is the only part of the truck that is still original. In Ron's life he has been hit by women drivers four times. I say that women just like to hit on him. Seriously red light runners are really a problem but this gal wasn't just trying to get through as it turned red; she honestly didn't notice. She said she wasn't familiar with the area. She got a ticket and now we have to get the ole truck in for repairs but probably not until we get to Tampa. Thank goodness it is driveable and towable. 

December 28
We had a most beautiful Christmas. On Christmas eve we went to church with Glenda and Erkki and it was the first time in ages that we could enjoy that with them. Normally they fly to Chicago the day before Christmas to spend the holiday week with a special group that they belong to. This year they didn't leave until the day after Christmas. 

We spent the day after Christmas doing laundry and getting ready to leave. Friday morning we took off and had an easy drive up here to LazyDays. They have us in a wonderful spot right across from the office and pool complex. That also puts us right across from the computer room. After a month of having to drive to Glenda's shop in order to get email (without using the cell phone), this is like heaven. 

 view from our site and our site

6 laptop stations plus  3 computers on line all the time

rally dining hall
Guesses are still coming in about our upcoming announcement. We really get a chuckle out of some of the responses. One suggested that we were buying a gold mine in Arizona. Ron liked the following one.
You are picking up a new coach at Lazy Days.  After the new paint job the Dream went up in value so much you just had to trade.  How's that for an accountant's fantasy? 
Joe Cronin

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