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What's New from February 2000
The details  that go with these pictures are in the newsletter.
February 5, 2000
We just finished up with our Wonderful World of Disney vacation and are visiting friends in Venice, Florida for a few days before going to West Palm Beach. It rained all day our first day at Disney and it was COLD. The rest of our time is was cool (evenings were cold), but we had lots of fun. I will post more information  and a few photos later.

Sad News --- the Life on Wheels Conference in San Marcos, Texas, has been canceled due to lack of interest. Please try to attend the one in May which will be held in Bowling Green, KY, or Moscow, ID, in July. We will not be Kentucky, but we will be in Idaho. Check their web site for more information.

P.S. About Lazy Days
Good News ---LazyDays realized the problem with the campground and everyone is promising to do anything and everything  to resolve the problem in short order including completely redoing over 100 of the sites. Several mistook our unhappiness with the campground as unhappiness with Lazy Days in general. No, it is still a wonderful place to do business and they have a good selection of RVs (both new and used) to look at. There is no pressure to buy if you just want to look. We like that.

You will be able to hear us coming from now on as we now have a set of musical horns to add to our Dream. We received this very nice gift in appreciation of our presenting seminars there during the super sale.

Those who attended the rallies at Lazy Days though said that it wasn't really worth the price. So next time just go and camp there during the super sale and you can still attend all of the seminars, can still look at RVs, get a driving lesson and have free breakfasts and lunches. The only extra that the rally attendees got was catered dinners and entertainment.

February 8, 2000
I just posted our Disney story. It can be found at in the Florida section in places or click on the link here.  Disney

We have been enjoying our visit with new friends Jerry and Pam Fink at their home in Venice, Florida.  Not only do we have a beautiful place to park, but it is so complete. And they insist that we pick the oranges in back, and use the phone line to do email and if it had been warmer we would have used their beautiful pool too. This is really living and we thank them a whole big bunch for inviting us. They love RVers and have a trailer, but Pam has two more years to work. They will take short trips, but with a place like this, why should they ever leave. Thanks again.

February 23, 2000
We just sent out our newsletter, and posted the new one to the web site too. If you asked to get our newsletter and didn't receive it, please email us and let us know. We often get many returned newsletters do to bad addresses and would a chance to fix it. Meanwhile you can go to the newsletter page and view the current newsletter or any back issues. We also have posted another of Ron's famous View from the Driver's Seat.

We had a terrific time with Glenda and Erkki in West Palm Beach. For details of our visit there, please go to the newsletter. But I thought you'd like a couple of pictures of Erkki at play in the campground and at the beach.

February 25, 2000
Here are a few pictures of our home Coast to Coast park that I just wrote about in our newsletter.

As it is so quiet and nice here that I swear I can hear the pine needles drop.

My small contribution to Mardi Gras

We drove to Fairhope, Alabama, yesterday.
I will write about it for a Places article soon but in the mean time here a few pictures.

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