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What's New from February 2001

January 30, 2001
I have good news and bad news. The good news is that that movie that we were filmed for (Hooray for Hollywood ) was shown at the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend. The bad news is that we were cut completely from the film. The only thing we can figure out from the description of the rest of the movie is that we weren't abnormal enough. After all with a million of us living like we do we are no match for a renegade living alone on a houseboat on the Louisiana Bayou, a lady living alone in a remote tree house in Hawaii, a couple living in an abandoned missle silo or a couple living with a house full of cats. So much for our movie career.

I have updated Thoughts from Barb, and View from the Driver's Seat

Here's a new Mystery picture too. These statues and more are in a downtown somewhere. Do you know where we were when we saw these?   If you want to play the game from other months please go to our Guess page and see how much you know.

February 9
It is only one week until the Follies so I am exceptionally busy. I haven't forgetten all of you though. 

I have been reminded that I need to mention our Camp Out. If you will be in this area come March 19-22 and would like to camp with us let me know as soon as possible. If there are still spaces left when you contact us we would tell you where to send your check/money order/cash in the amount of $6 to cover the cost of firewood etc. Other than that the cost to camp at the group camp site at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction is $10 per night. 

If you can't camp with us we hope you can at least join us the afternoon of March 21(Wednesday) and share a pot luck lunch with us. You do not need to let us know    about this; just show up (don't forget to bring a salad, casserole or dessert---enough to feed 12). 

I have changed the quizlett (which you can get to on the main menu). Last month's questions/answers showed that you are mostly concerned with the finances of full-timing. The new question deals with your age. 

February 20
The Follies was a roaring success. It couldn't have gone any better; the audience couldn't have laughed more. Two close friends who are wintering in California's Chochilla Valley drove over and stayed in the park for a couple of days so they could attend the show. How about that for friendship. Unfortunately the pictures I took were during the dress rehearsal and that was hard to do while I was busy directing. But for what it is worth here is a sample of the two hour show. 

The Library was turned into a dressing room

Everyone got made up

The Purple Ladies Society and Hey Big Spender

Room Service---------me

Church Ladies duet-----Farm Poet-----Katie & Maisie

Dear Abbey--Barbara Boatman--An Announcement about mammograms

An Hawiian tourist---The Love of Golf---Our MC, Merle

A Slight case of Misunderstanding

 The Beauties Fashion Show

The Sultan and his harem

The Symphonetts

The Beauties go Hawaiian

March 1
I will be a little late in updating this page and other pages. In fact, I got out of my sick bed (pneumonia) to write and upload this. Since Ron doesn't do any of this web stuff, you'll just have to wait for me. Please be patient. 

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