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What's New from February 1999

Posted February 10, 1999
In the next few weeks, I will be working on organizing the files in the web page, so you may find things not working exactly as they should be once in a while. Please be patient. You will not even notice any change in the end result, but my files on my server's computer will be better organized.

The second Movin' On Camp Out
I won't even try to name all these wonderful folks in the photo. We thank our professional photograhper turned full-timer, Toni Taddai, for this great photo.Our only regret is that he is not in the photo. Don't you agree that the setting was about as perfect as it could be?

Some of the details about the campout are in our newsletter. What I didn't mention there was that of the 27 rigs four were 5th wheels --- 23 were motorhomes. There weren't as many Bounders as last year because some have graduated to bigger diesel motorhomes. Most of the folks attending are full-timers; only three couples are part-timers.

One interesting fact is that Dick Goodman came straight from a hospital in California where he was being given chemo therapy. To continue the therapy, a visiting nurse visited our campsite at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday to give him his interveinous treatment. We all thought that that was pretty neat. This showed us all how much he wanted to attend our camp out.

The eight couples who came from the day were Ruth & Joe Mortier, Gordon & Dena Duncan, Dick & Shirley Alexander, Bud & June Owens, Bob Hunt & Judy Wilhelm, Pat & Bill Feight, Rich & Bonnie Dahl and Art & Dawn Katser. Of these eight couples six are full-timers.

It's a guy thing

Whenever guys and RVs get together someone looks at engines and other mechanical things.
The Wednesday morning hikers

  Nancy and the easy hikers        Grant and the serious hikers
Campfire time

Toni & Teresa Taddei, our newest full-timers. Toni is a professional photographer from Michigan. They owned a studio in Kentwood. We celebrated Teresa's birthday at the camp out.

Dante Russillo borrowed one of Ron's cowboy hats during the camp out and 
looked mighty good in it. This picture was taken as he gazed into the campfire.
Clowning around and visiting

Bob Wright and Ginger Shilts happened to be sitting near each other when I appeared with the camera. 
Like the clowns they are, they quickly posed for this shot.

             The day visitors and campers visiting and mingling before the potluck lunch.
Watching sunsets with friends

Bonnie, Jackie, Ron, Don and Millie at sunset time.

The computer desk that Grant Joy built which is very portable can also serve 
as an end table or coffee table and also holds magazines

Desk as end table                        Desk half opened                  Desk as coffee table

If you click on each page of the plans you will see them enlarged to full page, printable plans.

Posted February 21, 1999
I have just changed all the directories for this web page. I have tried to check all of the links, but it would take forever so would you please let me know if you experience any links which do not work. If you have bookmarked any pages, you will want to "refresh" them to get the up-to-date links.

Also I have just added a search feature which I hope will help all of you be able to find information fast and easily. In a few days I will add this link to all the little link boards, but until then click here.

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