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What's New From February 2005

February 1 2005

I am so busy with our theater group (Mountainbrook Village Players) that I barely have time for much else. I love the theater though so it is a work of love. Besides doing the publicity for the play, I am technical director, help Ron who is ticket chairman and I am also president of the Players. We are also picking the play for next year. If you are in the area and would like to attend our production of Neil Simon's Rumors, email me and I will see to it that you get tickets. But don't wait. The ticket sales are going briskly. Play dates are February, 24, 25 and 26 at 7 p.m. and Sunday February 27 at 5 p.m.

Neil Simon's
Hilarious Farce

February 24, 25, 26 and 27, 2005
Reserved Seats only $8.00

This picture was taken at one of the earlier rehearsals before we got the proper furniture. 

Rumors, which premiered on Broadway in 1988, is set in the posh apartment of the deputy mayor of New York City and his wife. They have invited four couples (their closest friends) to help them celebrate their tenth anniversary. As the evening opens, the first guests arrive to find the host with an unexplained gunshot wound through his ear, while his wife and the servants are nowhere to be found.  Fearing scandal, the couples are given differing scenarios by the first onsite, until who-knows-what becomes a tangled mess. Rehearsals are going extremely well and the cast is doing a terrific job. We have a lot of talent here at Mountainbrook. You won’t want to miss this rollicking fun play. It is side-splitting laughter from beginning to end.

Last month's question was:  What books did you read while you were (are) researching full-time RVing? We are pleased to note that our book, Movin' On got the most votes.  To see the complete results please go to the poll page.  This month's question is: Had (have) you ever traveled in an RV before you started (thought about) full-timing?

New Mystery Picture

I got a lot of correct guesses on last month's picture. You folks really know your stuff. To see if you got it right go to our  Mystery Picture page and play the game.

Can you tell I am scared? Well where was I when this picture was taken?

February 14
Only one person has guessed the mystery picture so far this month and only two have even tried. Come on----put your thinking caps on. 

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