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What's New from February 2003

January 30
I am posting the updated web pages a little early as we are heading west this morning and I will be without a proper internet connection until February 5 when we arrive at Canyon Vistas RV Park in Gold Canyon, Arizona, where we will have a phone hookup.

Last night we took Judy and Cec out to dinner at the exclusive and wonderful Bern's Steak House and so no one had to drive we rented a limo. It was fun and our dinners were out of this world. It was a fitting end to a very special month here.

Judy and Cec will be traveling with us and we will be hightailing it across the country. They are anxious to get back to California and we are anxious to see the house we just purchased. Watch for us on I-75 or I-10. We will probably stay at Wal-Marts until we get to Van Horn, Texas (we have a favorite campground there) and in Demming, New Mexico, we will probably stay at the SKP park. 

I have just added our new articles. My article is Never Say Never or Forever.  Ron's article is We Can Play Their Game Too.

New Mystery Picture

Only one person guessed last month's mystery picture, and only one other even took a stab at it. See how you do this month. Here's a hint. This picture was taken by us a few years ago so it won't have anything to do with where we are or where we have been lately.To play from this and other months please go to our Guess Page.

February 9
I feel as though we have been in a whirlpool. We have been running around since we arrived back in Arizona. We got here on Tuesday (Feb. 4) after having played with thousands of trucks on I-10. We never like to travel that way but wanted to get back to see our house. We stayed in Wal-Marts every night but the last two and were in a Wal-Mart in Louisiana when the Columbia went down. We went on the road about a half hour after it was lost but didn't know about it until Judy and Cec overheard truckers talking about it on their CBs. By then we were just outside of Houston and able to zero in on a good radio station to try to learn the details. And we saw flags being lowered and felt so very sad. 

As soon as we arrived in Gold Canyon we parked the motorhomes (Cec and Judy were with us) and immediately drove the short distance (less than a mile) to our house. It is beautiful. We love the neighborhood, the neighbors and the mountains. We did realize though that the whole inside of the house needed painting so we immediately hired a painter. Ivan was terrific. His crew came in the house Thursday morning and were finished by Friday before noon. 

While the painters were painting the four of us started shopping. First we went to Costco to see what kinds of things we could buy there. We bought pots and pans, towels and sheets.  Then we headed to the furniture stores and our minds were reeling from all of the choices. When we thought we knew what we wanted we saw something else. Just yesterday we finally ordered some furniture. We only have the basics now (beds (two bedrooms), dresser, sofa, chair, dinette, bar stools. A few things had to be ordered but we will have a place to eat and a bed to sleep in. We went to Sears and purchased our washer and dryer and at other stores we bought dishes, coffee pot, toaster and things like that. If you think this is fun then you must be a shopper; I am not. I was lucky and found my comforters and duvet covers on the web thus saving quite a bit. The shipping was free and of course there was no sales tax. Here in Arizona the sales tax is 8% which is quite a kicker. I may wait and do a lot more shopping this summer when we are in Montana (no sales tax). 

A big part of what we ordered will be delivered Tuesday so I have to spend my first day at the house. I had to be there that day for the phone company anyway so I will keep busy lining the shelves in the kitchen with paper. While I am doing that I will probably wonder what I will ever have to fill up that many cupboards. I will take a camera and take a few pictures of the inside too.

Judy and Cec left for California yesterday and we will miss them. They were such a big help and fun to have around.

February 16
We kind of moved into the house on Friday (Valentine's Day) without all of our furniture  and no TV. Our mattress, sofa and one chair were delivered that day. Tomorrow (Tuesday) more furniture comes (TV and Ron's desk for the bedroom) and on Friday more comes. It will be like that for a while I guess. The house is bare, but it is nice. Before the furniture started arriving, I washed the floors (two bathrooms and the large kitchen) and vacuumed the whole house. As I was doing that I remembered that it only took me a few minutes to vacuum the entire motorhome and I wondered what in the heck we are doing. But I really like the area and the community.

Today we did a little more shopping (a grill and some little things). Ron has been great at putting things together. Tonight he was working on book shelves for the den/library. Soon I will post a few pictures.

February 23
Would you like to be in a movie? This is legitimate. Here's the email I got today.

Hi there - I am one of Elaine Hamm's surrogate nieces.  I work in the movie industry and am casting a movie in El Paso Texas (I did the movie Independence Day - this is the same director and big scenes) - we will be looking for about 200 motorhomes to work in the movie - with their drivers as extras.  If i send you the info - can you do a general email to your friends.  then they can email me if they are interested?  thanks, Cate Praggastismailto:utahcasting@hotmail.com

Go for it.!!! And let us know how it turns out.

We bought a tree today and some gorgeous silk flowers to add a little color to the house. We are still waiting for the coffee table, end table and sofa table for the living room and one chair for that same room. In the guest bedroom we are only waiting for the two night stands. I can't wait to show you pictures of the library/den. It is beautiful and Ron has done all of the work. Instead of purchasing ready assembled (and expensive) bookcases, desk and so on, we ordered from Staples and they came hundreds of pieces (all nicely boxed). Ron has been working for a week and is almost finished with the last piece. I promise pictures soon.

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