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What's New from  February 2004

February 1, 2004

I thought I would show you how I look in my costume for the play that the Mountainbrook Village Players is doing this month. I play Lona, a 19 year old girl in the mid 1920s. How do you like those knickers and the blonde pigtails? If you are in the area and would like to see this funny, funny play, please email me and I will get tickets for you. The play, Caught in the Villain's Web is a three act melodrama that will keep you laughing the whole time. The dates are February 19, 20 and 21 at 7 p.m. and on Sunday February 22 at 5 p.m. The tickets are only $8.00 per person and I think you will find it very worthwhile. I really hope that some of you that are in the area will come. 

We had great attendance at our seminars last week and really enjoyed meeting so many excited people. We will likely do another seminar session in the fall if there is interest.

Our new articles for this month are: Security and Music Soothes. Before you click on these try to quess which of us wrote which one. 

I have added a new Guest article. Working for the BLM & The Fish Fry is about a neat couple.

Mystery Picture

Last month I was surprised at the number of correct responses. Good job. There were no incorrect guesses either. To play the game from this and other months please go to our Mystery Picture page.

February 12
Play practice is moving along nicely. I took the camera with me to rehearsal the other day because I wanted to give you an idea of how great our set is. Now I just wish you could see the play too. Remember my article two months ago about transitions? I mentioned that living in Mountainbrook resembles living in an RV community with so many activities going on. We really love everything that goes on here.

The villain (Ron Heppner)  and villainess (Shirley Renstrom)

Our hero (Roger Renstrom) and heroine (Jana Lea Olm) ---
She is crying loudly because of the terrible thing the villain has done. 

My brother (in the play) Malvern (Roger Renstrom) and our mother (Glorianna Heppner).

February 15
Ron went to the practice today and took a couple of pictures with me in them.

Me on my knees crying at my "mother's feet". Malvern, "my brother" looks on while Nella (the villainess) takes it all in. 

Roger Renstrom (playing the part of my brother) and I have a serious discussion.

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