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What's New From January through April 2008

  January 1, 2008
Happy New Year. I have to apologize for not doing more updating on this site. We were very busy the whole fall of 2007 and will be busy again through March 2nd with the new play that I am directing. We are both fine and just celebrated our 23rd anniversary. I remember a time (in 2004) when we never thought we would make 15 years so life is good. We are both healthy after getting back on the Weight Watcher track. Here is how we looked on our anniversary---December 22.

Our play this year is A Bad Year for Tomatoes by John Patrick. It is a very funny play and if you are in the area and would like to see it, just let me know. Ron is ticket manager so we can get you good seats. All seats are reserved and only $10.00. To read more about this play please go to the Village Players web site

February 23
We have been so busy with the play that I am directing that I haven't thought about updating this page. Sorry. You still have time to get your tickets. Just give us a call (480-288-9745).

Picture taken at rehearsal before the set was built.

The set just after it was built but before furniture was added.

March  23.
ime has flown. The play was a huge success. Click here to see pictures of the dress rehearsal. The actors got a standing ovation every evening.

Right after the play I auditioned lots of actors for next season's two plays. Faith County will be November  7 & 8 and Busybody will be next February 26---March 1. Both are fun plays and I look forward to directing again.

After auditions we had the inside of the house painted throughout. It has been white since we moved in 5 years ago. Now walls are rich with color. I will take pictures sometime soon. I am too tired right now. It has been a week of  being very unorganized with furniture in the middle of the rooms, dust and dirt everywhere. It turned out to be a great spring cleaning project. Hopefully we can now just relax. The spring flowers are so pretty we must take a drive and hike.

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