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What's New from January 2000
  The complete details  to go with these pictures are in the newsletter.

December 29, 1999
We are getting ready to take off so I just sent out a short newsletter, but still haven't posted any new Coffee Break or Letters. If you don't get our newsletter, you can read it on our Electronic Newsletter page.

We have been selected to receive The Raven Award for outstanding RV web site and feel very honored.  I don't know a lot about the organization, but we will take all the awards we get. Thanks to all of you who support us.

December 30, 1999
Gotta tell you about a wonderful eating experience we had yesterday. My son Jim and his family had sent us a nice gift certificate for El Chico restaurant. There is only one in San Antonio, but it was within 50 miles so we went. After eating there I'd drive 100 miles to find another. Our server Manuel was so very friendly and was genuenly happy that we had just discovered this place. Their menu was different and the dish we ordered (chicken tacos cascabel) was labeled spicy  but it wasn't just hot, it was very flavorful. When we came home, I checked out their web again, and discovered they are in the south central states going as far north as Illinois. It is a small chain which started with a single restraunt in Dallas in 1940. But the best part of their web site is their recipe section.   http://www.elchico.com/

January 3, 2000
We couldn't move into the motorhome until after 4 p.m. New Year's Eve; they were still working on the small details until then. We moved in and were so exhausted that we just went to Taco Bell for dinner then came back to the motorhome and crashed. We left a little later than we wanted to on Saturday (9:30 a.m.) and only got in 450 miles. We stopped for the night at Cashes Truck Stop in Baton Rouge, Louisianna and went to bed early. Sunday morning after 9 hours sleep, we took off early (6 a.m.) and didn't stop until we got to Lazy Days which is near Tampa in Florida. 1140 miles in two days. That is a lot faster than we like to do, but we needed to get here.

The motorhome looks good, but a few small parts didn't come in so we will have to go back early in March. See how much better it looks. The body guys at Pro-Tech (Thomas and Carlos) who we regard as heros did a super job. Thomas said that the American Coach Division of Fleetwood was super to work with---they were extremely helpful in getting the parts delivered on time. We thank everyone.

 before                                       after

January 7, 2000
I just posted the Coffee Break and Letters and apologize for the long delay here. There are many letters in each section and we know you will love them all.

We just heard that we will be presenting our seminar on full-timing at Rally 2000 (Coast to Coast-Good Sam rally) which will be held July 17-21 in Gillette, Wyoming. We hope you are planning to attend that rally which promises to be wonderful. And you will love the area. It is just a little ways from Buffalo, Wyoming, and we wrote so much about that neat town last year. I can hardly wait to go back. To reserve your spot at the rally call 877-749-7122.

January 21, 2000
I just posted the first newsletter of this year as well as a new Driver's Seat article. We have been busy and enjoying meeting lots of our readers that we knew by name but didn't know in person. Such fun!!! Our seminars are well attended and we have fun doing them.

The first five photos above are courtesy of our dear friend and great photographer, Toni Taddei.

We often had happy hour at our coach and this is just one such fun occasion.
Sadly Toni is missing because he took the picture.
Lazy Days serves breakfast and lunch to all who are here to look at RVs or get service and they have quite a set up.

They serve about 300 for breakfast  from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
It  consists of sweet rolls, bagels, hot and cold cereal, juice and coffee.

1,200 to 2,000 are served lunch from 11-1:30 and it is always good.

Lunch is usually some sort of hot sandwich, salad bar and drinks.

January 29, 2000
Today we will be doing our last seminar here at Lazy Days. Tomorrow we move on to Disney and a vacation. It has been fun, but we are looking forward to playing.

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