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What's New from January 2001
December 30, 2000
Happy New Year. We are wishing you all you have ever dreamed of for this coming year and hope that your plans include joining us as full-timers soon.

I think the chat room is a failure and I take full responsibility. The chat room is open all the time, but not many have been visiting. We set specific times at noon and 8 p.m. EST (eastern time) and thought that more would show up then. Keep trying and I will try to get there but lately we have been busy volunteering and at both times, we are usually gone already. 

I have just posted a new Drivers Seat article (Best Friends) and a new Thoughts from Barb (Sitting Still). We also have a new Mystery picture below. 

Here's a new Mystery picture too. We took a little vacation (without the motorhome) to celebrate our anniversary. Where did we go?  If you want to play the game please go to our Guess page and see how much you know.

January 1, 2001
Happy New Year again. We had fun last night at a friend's house playing bridge with several couples. It was a good evening. Now I am catching up on getting the Computer Club's schedule done. 

You may remember that we wrote a little about heading west last fall and of our travels along US 30. We mentioned stopping in at The Diner in Westside, Iowa, one day and of their delicious pie. Well I have a treat for you. I just received two pie recipes from The Diner. Check out the Coconut Cream Pie or the Strawberry Pie recipes. 

January 2
I have just uploaded three of those old newsletters which are so much fun to read. Call this a belated Christmas present to you since it has been well over a year since I had added any stories to the Our House section. We hope you enjoy them and I will post more soon.

June/July 1993---More from the Texas Hill Country
August 1993---Amish Country Indiana/ Frankenmuth, Michigan and more
October 1993---Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota

January 3,
I had another free day so I just posted another of the old newsletters. It is one of my favorite. November 1993---North Dakota to Texas

January 7
I just updated the quizlett (on the main menu page) and we would appreciate your participation. If you use AOL to go to the web, you may not be able to vote. Try using Internet Explorer as your browser then you can vote. 

It looks like we didn't fool many on our mystery photo. It is fun to get all of your guesses. 

January 12
I just uploaded another old newsletter story. I think you will like this December 1993 issue. 

I had our last audition for the follies this past Friday now I only have one month to get this show together. Wow!! It will be a great show too so if you will be here in February (17 & 18) be sure you plan to come to the VDO Follies. We have a lot of talent here in this park. 

January 21
I have no idea where the time goes. One day it was the 12th and now it is the 21st. We have both been nursing colds. Ron caught his from one of his kids at school and brought it home to me. Wasn't that nice of him. Between the Follies and computer classes I am busy every day. Nothing much is new. Just wanted to let you know we are still here and alive.

January 23
Several have had to change their plans and won't be able to attend our Camp Out after all. If you will be in this area come March 19-22 and would like to camp with us let me know as soon as possible. If there are still spaces left when you contact us we would tell you where to send your check/money order/cash in the amount of $6 to cover the cost of firewood etc. Other than that the cost to camp at the group camp site at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction is $10 per night. 

If you can't camp with us we hope you can at least join us the afternoon of March 21 (Wednesday) and share a pot luck lunch with us. You do not need to let us know about this; just show up (don't forget to bring a salad, casserole or dessert---enough to feed 12). 

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