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What's New from January 2004

January 1, 2004

I am real excited about the play that I am in here. The Mountainbrook Village Players are presenting a fun melodrama (Caught in the Villain's Web) February 19, 20, 21 and 22. It will be very professional and will have the audience hissing, booing and cheering. The tickets are now on sale, but someone that lives here in Mountainbrook will have to get them for you. If you will be in the area and would like to attend the play let me know and I will pick up the reserved seat tickets for you. The Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances start at 7 p.m. and Sunday the show starts at 5 p.m. Tickets are $8.00.

My new article is Transitions. Ron's article is Let the Buyer Beware

If you are not on the road yet, we hope that this is the year that begins your great adventure. And we hope you head west so we can meet you at one of our seminars or whatever. Email us when you are on the way so we can plan some sort of gathering. 

New Mystery Picture
We got a lot of correct guesses last month. It was fun to hear from so many and hear of their experiences at the mystery picture site. I hope this one doesn't stump you too much. Here's a hint: that railroad trestle is awesome and my grandfather and two uncles (engineers on a railroad) rode those rails which are so far up over the water. To play the game from this and other months please go to our Mystery Picture page.

January 7
We just got an update from good friends and full timers, Norm and Linda Payne. His web site is full of great information but this little story says everything about RVers. Check it out. Turn it On and Turn it Off. We are excited that they will be stopping here on the way from Livingston to Quartzite. They will visit us on Sunday and we can catch up on all sorts of stuff.

January 8
I just got the following email from Escapees. You don't have to be an Escapee to participate, but you do have to own a newer RV. I hope everyone that qualifies will take a few minutes to do the survey. 
J.D. Power and Associates recently contacted Escapees and asked us to inform our members about their ongoing, independent, third-party study of recreational vehicle customers. The study, based on survey responses from RV owners, will measure on-the-road experiences of owners of recreational vehicles purchased new from 2000 to 2004, and will include all types of RVs (classes-A, -B, -C, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, pop-up and slide-in campers.) The program will focus on the total RV, including chassis, coach and components, and will also explore RV dealer service satisfaction.

The purpose of the survey is to identify which RV makes provide owners with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction, both with the RV itself and with dealer service. The goal is an in-depth, comprehensive study gathered from enough RV owners recruited to provide a thorough evaluation of the RV market.

Consumers who have purchased a new model-year 2000 through 2004 RV who wish to participate in the study can register online at http://www.jdpowerpanel.com/rv3.htm.  JD Powers and Associates have signed a confidentiality agreement with Escapees RV Club to ensure that this information will be held absolutely confidential and that your name and address will not be sold or distributed to any outside parties.

Summary results will be posted on the J.D. Power and Associates Consumer Center (www.jdpower.com) for current and prospective RV owners to reference. The full detailed study will be available to RV manufacturers, dealers and suppliers that are interested in improving their products and services.

Escapees members are encouraged to participate in the survey!

January 26
We had great fun at our seminars on Saturday. There were about 170 in attendance and we got lots of good questions in the Q & A section. It was fun to meet so many who are excited about living on the road at least part time. 

We have enjoyed entertaining some of our full-timing friends who stopped by on their way to or from Quartzite. 

We have been busy with our projects. Ron is volunteering at the elementary school two days a week and I am busy with play practice. Together we play a lot of bridge and try to bike walk and play golf  for exercise. 

It has been a little cold and rainy the last few days, but the rain brings a promise of an abundance of wild flowers this coming spring. Hope you will be coming by to see them all.

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