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What's New From January 2005

January 1 2005
Happy New Year!!!

I have added another of our old newsletter stories. This one from March 1997 has the following headline:
Moving West---Fast 

Last month's question was: As a full-time RVer do you (will you) keep to an itinery and make lots of reservations or will you travel loose?  Thirty-four percent only make reservations for special occasions. To see the complete results please go to the poll page.

The new question is about the books you have read or are reading to prepare for full-time RVing. There are so many available now and I only get to pick 10 answers so I simply chose the top ten according to Amazon.com. If your favorite isn't included in the survey, please forgive me.

We are going up to our large ballroom tonight (the Superstition Center) for a party. We will dance and enjoy appetizers and some drinks. This has been a fun year and we look forward to another great year here in Arizona. Thanks for sharing it with us.

New Mystery Picture
Wow, I really stumped you last month. Only two people guessed the mystery picture from December and they were both correct. So for the rest of you who didn't even have a clue please go to the  Mystery Picture page and play the game.

I was going to be easier on you this month but I love this picture and loved the time we spent there so I thought you'd like to see the picture and when we give you the right answer next month we will tell you more about it.  If you think you know where we were when the picture was taken go to our Mystery Picture Page and play the multiple choice game. . 

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