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What's New From July 2005

July 1 
We hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July holiday. It will be quiet here as all of our company has left us alone and we are enjoying that at the moment. It is too hot here to do much out of doors so we keep cool inside and either read or watch old movies. We still play pinochle on Thursday evenings up at our card room and we get together with friends for dinner and such. 

We had three grandsons here from June 10th. On June 17 the two brothers from Kansas left but Erkki from West Palm Beach stayed until the 22nd. My son Robert, from LA was coming for his first visit to our house on the 21st but didn't get in until very late. He had rode his motorcycle from LA on probably the hottest day in the desert. It was a miserable ride he said. He would ride one hour then go to a service center and cool off for an hour. Temps were in the 118 range. He was going to ride all the way to Birmingham, Alabama, but decided to fly from here. That was great because we got to keep him here for a whole week. 

While my son, Robert, was here we were introduced to Karoke. It is something he does a lot and we enjoyed it. I tried to sing once but couldn't find the right key so I quit after being a little embarassed. Robert sings beautifully so it was fun to listen to him. I am getting a group of friends together to go to the nearby Karoke on Sunday. It should be fun.

Robert gave Erkki a little ride (around the block) before Erkki had to leave for the airport.  The picture on the right is Robert singing to Karoke at our Yacht Club (honestly that is the name of  the local bar/eatery here.)

We take all of our visitors to Tortilla Flat (population 6) for lunch. The walls are papered with dollar bills and Robert was trying to calculate how many there are. It is mind boggling. 

Last month's question was: Are you already full-timing, planning to go or just here to read about the lifestyle? I am not posting the responses here because it was so varied. It is best for you to see them all together. To see the complete results from last month please go to the poll page

The new question is: How well do you know the workings of your RV? This is for full-timers and part time RVers. 

To participate in the new question please go to the poll page

New Mystery Picture
Last month was a little better as far as guesses went. Most who guessed guessed correctly. If you are curious about last month's Mystery Picture, please go to the Mystery Picture page and play the game. Okay this one will be tough and I don't expect many to guess it correctly.  It was at a busy intersection and I almost got killed getting out to photograph it while Ron was getting fuel. 

 If you think you know where we were when the picture was taken go to the Mystery Picture page and play the game. 

July 15
I think everyone is having a lot of trouble with the mystery picture. We have only had one guess and he found the answer by doing a search on line. Has no one ever traveled to Yellowstone National Park on red roads? The town that the statue is in is on the way especially if you are going to Yellowstone from Glacier National Park. One more clue; it is on U.S 287 in Montana. Let's see what kind of detectives we have checking into this site. 

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