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What's New From July 2006

July 1, 2006
Special announcement. 
We have been selling books like crazy and we are sad to announce that there are only 25 of our books left and when they are gone there will be no more. I expect that by the end (or maybe even the middle) of July we will be out of business. At that time, I will update this page one more time then quit that as well, but I will keep the web site active so new people can read what is on here as there is so much information here. It has been a great run and I am sure that somewhere used books will be available but we won't have any more and Amazon or Barnes and Nobles will not have books to sell. All totaled 30,000 copies of our books were printed and those that read them loved them. This is an end of an era for us. 

On a happier note, our family reunion was great. We all arrived at my oldest son's house in Agua Dulce, California, on Friday morning and spent the weekend reminiscing. My former husband (my children's father) was there as well and that made it nice for the kids. Because the kids are growing up so fast and will soon be off to college etc., we probably won't get the chance to get together again for a long time. 

Back row L-R grandson Jonn, granddaughter Robyn, son Mark, Ron, son Robert, Bob (my ex), son Jim, grandsons Kris, James
Front row L-R Mark's wife Ana, me, daughter Glenda, grandson Erkki and Jim's wife Sue.

On Monday morning Ron and I drove to Vegas and on Tuesday I played in my first Texas Hold em poker tournament. I didn't win, but I wasn't the first one out either. There were only 100 players (10 tables of 10) and they played until there were only two left at each table. When I left there were three left so I messed the cut by one. I can't wait to do it again. I am hooked on this game but only like tournament play where everyone starts the same and there are no re buys. We came home from Vegas with money for the second time in our history of visiting Vegas so that was fun too. 

I found an old picture and I am in it. See if you can pick me out of my country school picture from about 1949. I was in the 6th grade ( I think) at the time the picture was taken. 

In the middle of the month (about July 17) I will re post this picture with an arrow pointing to me. The country school was in Clarkston, Michigan. My parents had just moved us from Detroit where I went to a big city school (two stories high and within walking distance of our house) to what had been a summer cottage. For me it was quite a shock to have to walk 1-1/2 miles to a one room school complete with out houses (one for boys and one for girls). 

Last month's question was:  As a full-timer do you (will you) travel with one or more pets?
To see the complete results please go to the poll page

The new question is: As a full-time RVer is (will) your RV (be) paid for or will you finance and for how long?
To vote please go to the poll page

July 5
Book report
Now we only have 10 books left. When they are gone there will be no more. 

July 10
I recently heard from two full-timers and one part-timer who are "doing" Alaska this summer. Their web sites are wonderful with lots of pictures and information. If you ever plan to go to Alaska these are great. 

Bill Joyce & Diane Melde

Rich & Diane Emond

Bob & Karen Carnahan

July 11
I have been busy. I have spent the last few days adding the last of our paper newsletter (Movin' On) on this web site. I hope you enjoy them. I had a great time re-reading them. 

September 1997
From Indiana to Ohio---The Long Way Around
This issue includes stories of Mackinaw Island, Up State New York and visiting friends in Canada.

October-November 1997
Finally Sitting Still---At Least for a Little While
This issue includes the story of our travels to Williamsburg and Monticello plus more.

December 1997
Our Reasons for Liking Mesa and Valle del Oro RV Resort
Plus some different short articles.

January 1998
Christmas at Valle del Oro 
Plus more short articles.

February 1998
Camp-Out was a Huge Success
This was the last of the paper newsletters.From this point on everything was put on the web site. 

July 16
I hope you have checked the old Movin' On newsletters that I recently posted. They are a lot of fun to read except for one article titled "Dream became a Nightmare" which is in the October-November issue. It is about the problems with our American Dream motorhome. 

Remember that I promised to point to who I am in the old school picture. Follow this link to the new picture.

July 21
We are down to 5 books so if you have been procrastinating now is the time to order. When I said that we had 10 we really had 14 (four were in a box we had forgotten) so they really are going fast. 

If I can think up questions for the poll, I will keep this page going for a while. If there is something you would like to know let me know and I will turn it into a poll if I can figure out how to word the responses. Email  So I don't throw it out with spam put "Movin' On Poll" in the subject line. 

July 22 We are out of books. You may find used books on the web. Amazon.com has some and so does Barnes and Noble. 

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