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What's New from July 2000
June 30, 2000
We are in another lovely setting here at the Yakima Sportsman State Park and we will be here for at least a week---maybe a few days more. The park is close to the city. I can't wait to wander in and out of the unique shops in the old historic district. Also like Santa Rosa, California, the big mall is right downtown; I like downtowns. We see that there are lots of fresh fruit and vegetable areas here; cherries are just ripe so that will be fun to gather some good fresh stuff. We hear on the local TV that there is a lot going on in town. Ron would like to go to the ball game. They have a Class A team here. That is always so much fun. Then on the 4th all day there is a free doings in Washington park (I think). I'll know more after I get the morning's paper.

The day before we left Randle we took a drive on route 131 to see what if any change there had been at Mt St Helens in the 10 years since we last visited. We were pleased to notice that there are new trees growing where once was nothing.

Closest to the mountain it is still very desolate. The drive to Windy Ridge was beautiful and green until about 4 miles from the volcano when you see the first evidence of the destruction caused by that eruption early in the morning of May  18, 1980.

Here's the newest Mystery Picture. This one will be tough and I don't expect many to know where this is. But it was so cute I had to take the pictures. The phone number was on the one sign but I took it off. I didn't want you to have that much information. If you think you know go to our Guess section and see if your guess is correct or just find out where this is.

Added the first of the month were the California and Oregon reports in the Places section. There's also another new page in Thoughts from Barb. This one titled Just Living Here and There may surprise you.  Ron's newest gem is Rolling With the Times.

July 5, 2000
We will be leaving Yakima Saturday and I wanted to share a few of the highlights of our stay here.  We enjoyed our visit to the Farmers' Market on Sunday after church; there was music and lots of activity.

We also attended one of the Bears baseball games and were thrilled at the grand slam home run by this young class A team.

We've browsed the shops here and there. The old shops made from old box cars looked interesting, but they weren't much. Tequilas, the restaurant at the end was wonderful though. They served great Mexican food in what was once pullman cars. That was fun.

1)The back of the shops                                  2) Tequilas                                  3) The front

July 13, 2000
The Life on Wheels Conference has been terrific. Although I spent two days in the local hospital, (nothing serious) and Ron had to do one of our Movin' On seminars all by himself, we have had a great time. There has been such a great group of people here that we are all hating the thoughts of saying good-bye come tomorrow when this all ends. Many of us are heading towards Gillette, but that will be such a big event there that we may not even see each other.
The Campus is beautiful and my few pictures do not do it justice.

Activities and Classes at the Life on Wheels Conference

1) The "Cooking on the Grill" class     2) a few of the RVs parked on the grassy field     3) getting ready for Barb's "Packing it in the RV " class.
One of our Movin' On classes

The huge salmon barbecue was well attended

July 19, 2000
Wow!!!! We are having a great time in Gillette, Wyoming, and The Great North American Rally couldn't have been better. Pictures won't begin to do justice but I will try to post a few in a couple of days. There are over 5,000 RVs here and everyone is having a terrific time. The community is super wonderful (there are not enough adjectives to describe the people and their helpfulness here) and the entertainment all day long and in the evening is exciting. The show area is full of good stuff and I have been buying a little. Looked at a new (2001) American Dream and really liked it a lot; Ron wasn't as excited though. I will have a full report on the rally a little later.

An assistant to the CEO of AT&T called me today to apologize for the terrible treatment I received in regards to our legality in being able to have a one rate phone. I had written a letter to the CEO and was very pleased to hear from someone upstairs in that company. I told them I would certainly accept the apology if they would learn from the three big mistakes they made with us.

The good news is that they just bought the Houston area which should eliminate any further problems with the one rate plan and those of us who get our mail in Livingston.

July 22, 2000
We are in Buffalo, Wyoming, enjoying our favorite campground (Deer Park RV Park). Ann and Kurt are the nicest hosts you will ever find and their campground is neat, clean and very friendly. We are here with Judy and Cec, but we will be heading down I-25 to Denver tomorrow (Sunday) where we will stay for two weeks. Judy and Cec will tour the area here like we did last year. We won't be touring in Denver---just visiting and getting some medical check-ups, but I will keep you all posted.
Buffalo Revisited
Right away I took the girls downtown to scout out the good coffee place, the drug store complete with soda fountain and good shops. We had fun having an old time photo taken and just being girls.  The next morning we rode with them to visit the beautiful Crazy Woman Canyon. We ate our lunch by the river and enjoyed the sights.

    1)Cec & Judy at Crazy Woman Canyon       2)Cec and Ron
Photos from The Great North American Rally
I only have a few pictures to share from the rally as it was just too, too big.

Two huge buildings full of things to buy made the rally fun.

A packed room full of people waiting for one of our Movin' On seminars.

A great rodeo on the last night.

July 28, 2000
We have been busy here in the Denver area. First we had to check out some of our favorite places and make sure they were still there. Sadly the TCBY where we used to go once a week or so is out of business, but we found a Baskin and Robins. We have been enjoying the greenbelt which runs right behind our campground (Prospect RV Park) in Wheat Ridge. And I have spent two full days getting tested at National Jewish Respiratory Hospital (the number one respiratory/asthma/allergy hospital in the U. S.).

Today since it was a Saturday and a day off from the out patient clinic at the hospital, we got up early and rode our bikes to nearby Golden. It was a great ride mostly on the greenbelt and when we got to Golden we discovered that we were just in time for the big Buffalo Bill Days parade. We parked our bikes and our selves on a little rise overlooking Washington Street and watched a terrific and long parade. It was just like out of a Normal Rockwell painting. 

There were lots of different floats from horse and buggy to dancing girls, boy scouts, old cars, fire trucks, politicians, bands, floats, and even a sanitation truck.

The last picture is the Columbia Sanitation truck with honey bee balloons hovering over the tank and a sign that read, "We're number one in the number two department."

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