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What's New from July 2002

June 29
As I am doing all my web work, we happen to be in Port Townsend which is a town we love. Normally I would want to be out and about but it is cool (cold to my body) and rainy so I am just inside working. We will take a ferry to Keystone Sunday morning and I will upload the pages from Bellingham. 

We made a couple of stops on our way to La Push that I wanted to share. Long Beach, Washington, is a cute town and we enjoyed the Coast to Coast campground (Pacific Holiday RV Park) which is right on the ocean. From there we went around Aberdeen to check out Ocean Shores (an area we had never visited). There are three Coast to Coast resorts in that little peninsula; we stayed at Ocean Shores RV Resort and were very impressed with the sites. 

The extra large sites at Ocean Shores are carved out of dense trees which giive a nice feeling of privacy.
As we continued north we saw huge forests of big graceful pine trees. We also saw lots of clear cut areas which I suppose is necessary economically. One tree company left the big trees along the road and clear cut behind them so it didn't look so bare to the traveler.

From big trees to clear cutting along U.S. 101
While in La Push we visited the Ho Rain Forest and had to laugh. It was a warm sunny day with no hint of rain. We had been there before when everything was dripping. The trees are huge and so are the ferns. The green is overwhelming and beautiful.

The campground at the national park looked very inviting, but clearly the sites were much too small for the likes of our motorhome. We used to camp in the national parks a lot and I felt sad. I even told Ron that we must get a tent so we can camp once in a while. He didn't think that was a good idea. On our way back to U.S. 101, we stopped at a little store/campground and decided that this would be a wonderful campground to stay at if we wanted to come back again. And you can all go there and still be close to the national park and the many hikes and activities there. I thought the name was cute "Hard Rain Cafe and RV Park". The sites were large and the little cafe was nice. We didn't eat but saw lots of good food being served.

Back in La Push, we were excited to attend the Second Annual Coast Guard Appreciation luncheon which was held in the new tribal community center. My son, Robert, made the cakes for the occasion and not only did they look good, they tasted heavenly. 

While we were with Robert he fixed us a scrumptious dinner. I have posted the recipe for the Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin that he fixed. It was easy to fix, healthy and pretty besides being very good. He is really quite the chef and I am proud of him.

  • I have just uploaded the following pages:
  • Quizlet
    I have also changed the quizlet. The new question is:
    What was/will be your age when you started/start full-timing?

    Please go to our questionnaire to answer and to see the results from other months.

    New Mystery Picture

    Where were we when we took this picture? 

    Only a few answered correctly last month and I suspect this one will really stump everyone. I will give you a hint. We saw it fairly recently. The cactus should be another hint.  To find out where we were or to see where we were in other months please go to our Guess Page

    June 30
    This is our new page. I have just uploaded everything. See above.

    We got up this morning, showered and left the Elks Lodge in Port Townsend to drive the short distance to the ferry dock. We got in line for the ferry then we made coffee and had our breakfast. For only $52.50 we are saved from driving through Seattle (on freeways) and nearly 200 miles. Our trip today will be short.  The ferry crossing will only be 30 minutes long and our drive will be less than 80 miles. This is so much fun. 

    July 6,
    This is our last night in Bellingham. Tomorrow we head to Leavenworth where we plan to celebrate Ron's birthday on Monday. Judy and Cec are going to meet us there. This is a special birthday for Ron; it ends in zero and has a large number in front of the zero. (70). 

    We have had a wonderful time visiting here in the Bellingham area of Washington. We arrived last Sunday and met up with old friends Jack and Esther in their new home condo here. We enjoyed dinner and catching up on things. 

    Monday morning Ron and I drove to Anacortes so we could catch a ferry to Lopez (one of the San Juan islands). I have a step brother (Ron Mayo) who lives there and that made for a good excuse to finally see what the island is like. The ferries in and around Seattle are super great. Since my brother Ron had suggested we not bring the car, we simply walked on and enjoyed the 40 minute ride in the comfort of the large ferry. Ron met us at the ferry and gave us a cooks tour of the small island which is called the friendliest of the San Juans. Everyone waves to everyone. It was friendly. 

    A few images of Lopez

    My brother Ron and my husband Ron and the view from Ron's deck.
    All views are beautiful on Lopez

    We only stayed on Lopez one night then we spent the rest of the time in Bellingham. 
    We had a terrific time and really enjoyed the area.

    July 8
    We are at the Icicle River RV Resort in Leavenworth, Washington. It is a lovely park and the people here are terrific especially since I needed their help in planning a little surprise.

    Birthdays are always a little difficult on the road. Often mail doesn't reach us for the exact birthday. Since Ron was going to celebrate a big birthday I had notified our family of where we would be and asked that they have the kids make cards and send them to the campground so they would be here the day of his birthday as a surprise. It was a perfect opportunity to surprise him with something really special so his kids all got together to purchase one of those big gifts and clued me in on what it was.

    I had wrapped a little box with black paper and gave it to Ron this morning telling him it was from his kids. 

    When he opened it all that was inside was a note that told him to go to our neighbors and ask for the other black box. He opened it and found another note which said, "It took a long time to reach this birthday and it will take a while to get your gift. Look for another package in the bay by the entry door of Judy and Cec's motorhome." The note in the next package told him to go to the truck and look under the passenger seat. One more box had one more note and that directed him to go to the office and ask Pat if there was any mail for him. So we all walked down to the office.

    First she handed him the envelopes then several larger packages and finally the big package which we carried back to the motorhome. 

    The gift from his children is a whole set of Cobra clubs. My gift will be the bag. Judy and Cec got him a new golf hat and tonight we are going to indulge in a wonderful German dinner in town. This is a beautiful area. I will have more pictures later. 

    July 10
    I have just added a new Guest Article titled, Spring in Canada by Mary Lou Feldt. It is a great article and I hope you enjoy it.

    I have also just finished reading a new book for RVers which I think is very good for those of you who will want or need to work on the road. Support your RV Lifestyle by Jamie Hall is big and full of helpful advice and information. If you follow the link from the picture of the book below it will take you to Amazon.com where you can order the book. 

    July 14
    We are in Moscow on the campus of the lovely University of Idaho. The conference begins later today and it looks to be a lot of fun. We always enjoy meeting new RVers and helping them get on the road. Besides the classes there will be lots to do that is fun. Tonight we have complementary tickets to the repertory theater here on campus. We will see Prelude to a Kiss which is billed as an adult ferry tale. Monday evening is the famous salmon bake which is included in the conference price. And every evening is something else. Don't you wish you were here. I will post another message before we leave then we head to Spokane to pick up two very excited grandchildren who will spend 10 days with us as we take them to Glacier. It is one of our favorite places to take our grandchildren. During those 10 days (21st through 31st) I will not even be checking email. Needless to say, I won't be updating the web site either.

    July 18
    We are having a great time here; our classes have been well attended and everyone seems excited to learn all that we instructors share. We are surprised at the number who are here that do not own an RV yet. They are smart and come to learn all there is to know first. 

    When we leave here Saturday we are going to Spokane and on Sunday we will be picking up two more grandchildren for a special trip. These two, Robyn and Jonn are brother and sister and live just north of Los Angeles. We are taking them to Glacier National Park and won't return back to Spokane until July 31. I will probably not be checking email while we are on vacation and for sure I won't be updating this site until after August 1.  Please don't think that we dropped off the face of the earth. 

    July 26
    We are having a great time with Robyn and Jonn. We are staying at the Glacier Campground in West Glacier Montana and it is just beautiful here. This year the campground has a modem so I am posting a little about our trip while we are still here. We have done several hikes and enjoyed playing games here at the campsite.

    This morning we got up early to hike the trail to Hidden Lake at Logan Pass. It was a tough hike because of all the snow but we did it. I slid part of the way back on my butt (not on purpose). 

    Resting at the top of the hike and preparing for the long return through the slippery snow.

    The view of hidden lake.

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