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What's New from June 2002

June 1
We really had a wonderful visit with friends in Templeton, California, and you can read about it in Old news (May). From there we went to the Elks lodge in Monterey. It was a bit hard to find and during our whole visit we kept getting lost. Ron had to have his monthly blood test (pro time) and finding the lab was difficult because the streets go this way and that. We also drove the 17 mile drive at Pebble Beach, shopped down town Carmel by the Sea and ate at one of the restaurants on the wharf. My own personal opinion is in my new article, Who Needs It?

Now we are at the Elks Lodge in Petaluma with full hook ups and it is nice. I am trying to get this all ready so I can go to Kinko's and update the whole site. It may be late for our readers on the east coast. Sorry about that. 

While here and after I do the update, I need to do laundry and my nails then we can play. I want to go to the Jelly Belly factory and take a tour, do Napa Valley, and tour the Winchester House. We may even go to the big city (San Francisco). We will probably stay here a week even though my son has already moved on up to La Push, Washington. I told him we'd get there in a couple of weeks. 

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    I have also changed the quizlet. The new question is:
    Where do you/will you spend your winters as a full-timer?

    Please go to our questionnaire to answer and to see the results from other months.

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    June 5
    We are having fun here in Petaluma. The Elks lodge is wonderful (16 full hook up sites). Although the lodge is located in a business park (which makes it easy to get to) it is right across from a wildlife sanctuary. We are in the city yet in the country. When we had visited Petaluma before it was to see Robert so we didn't do a lot of touring. This time we are concentrating on being a tourist and it is fun.

    Yesterday we toured the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield which is just a little east of Napa. When we arrived there were about 10 school busses there and that worried us a bit and there was a long line waiting for tours, but we only had to wait about thirty minutes. It was a very interesting tour and I will be writing more in my upcoming page on things to do in and around Petaluma.

    Ron on the right waiting in line
    On Monday we drove to San Jose to tour the mysterious Winchester house. Oh that was great fun and again I will write more about that in just a little while.

    Notice that Ron is pointing to a door designed to go nowhere but down.
    I can't wait to tell you the whole story. We are resting today and tomorrow will take a ferry into San Francisco. It has been 11 years since we have been there and I am excited to do it again. Friday we will go to Napa Valley and do the wineries there. Such fun. There's so much to do here.

    Something I am not excited about is that I have been unable to get email via my cell phone. I don't know what is wrong. It takes forever to connect even though I wait until late at night and I dial the east coast number (so it is in the middle of the night there). We have four bars AT & T coverage on our phone. Here at this Elks club they only offer a phone jack to a pay phone and that doesn't work for me either so I have to go to the nearby Kinkos which is busy. Please be patient as we move along.

    June 9
    I just added an article about things to do In and Around Petaluma. We have really enjoyed our time here, but it is time to move on. 

    Exciting news: We just ordered a new lap top from Dell. I am excited because our old one is beginning to look and act like a dinosaur. It is being shipped to my son Robert's place at his new home in La Push, Washington. We plan to be there by June 21 and the computer should be there at the same time. 

    For our travels tomorrow we plan to drive 101 to Ukiah (Elks lodge) for one night then up to Klammeth where we plan to stay at the Coast to Coast park there. We have no reservations anywhere so things can change but that is our general plan. 

    June 10
    It was a lovely drive north this morning and although we did not go to any of the wineries here, we learned that they do not charge for tasting like the Napa Valley wineries do. If you don't know what I am talking about it is in the article I uploaded yesterday.

    June 11
    I didn't get to upload this last night so I will do a double entry now that we are at the Coast to Coast park in Klamath which has a modem for us to use. 

    The drive today was very scenic and U.S. 101 ranged from four-lane divided highway to a narrow two-lane road without shoulders. There was little traffic though but it was a little scary through the redwoods; in some places the trees are right along the side of the highway.

    June 12
    We have been at the lovely Coast to Coast resort in Klamath and can't begin to describe the beauty here and the well run campground. It's first class.

    The view to the back and front of us
    This park is very near the Redwood National Park. We had been here twice before and done a lot of hiking. This time we took a drive on the 8 mile Howland Hill road. This trees on this old logging road hugged the road so tightly that only one car could fit through at a time.
    As we were driving this road, Ron said that quite a few full-timers couldn't enjoy this drive unless they rented a car. Many trucks that pull 5th wheels wouldn't fit in-between the trees. The mid sized trucks for sure would miss out on lots of many such drives which we have enjoyed over the years. Another good reason to drive a motorhome and pull a small car.

    I will be uploading this from Brookings, Oregon, hopefully. We plan to stay at the Elks club there. We have never ever been to the very southern coast of Oregon so we will be happily exploring new territory.

    June 16
    We have been at the Elks Lodge in Brookings and are glad to share that it is a first class campground. The water and electric campsites run along the edge of the parking lot. The folks who designed this campground knew what they were doing; they were campers themselves. This lodge even has a small laundry room (2 washers and 2 dryers) and a nice phone box with a regular phone with phone books and a modem for us who use that. They ask for a small donation for local calls or modem use. The hookups are the best ever; they couldn't be better designed. The dump station is perfect too. 

    The town of Brookings is very nice. They have a nice harbor, a beautiful and what looks like a very challenging golf course (Salmon Run). I wanted to play but Ron thought he would lose too many balls. This is a pretty area. Tomorrow we will drive to South Beach, Oregon which is about 200 mile up the coast.

    June 19
    We drove in the rain most of Monday as we left Brookings. When it wasn't raining it was gray and cold. Driving U.S. 101 in Oregon was slow going. For most of the distance from border to border the highway is two lanes which is sometimes curvy, and hilly but always beautiful. The best views of the coast are from north to south; of course we were heading north. And the scene out our window wasn't always the Pacific Ocean. Much of the drive was just through luscious green forests. Around Tillamook we drove through farmland. There was a lot of RV traffic on the highway. We estimated that we saw a zillion RVs and as many campgrounds which means that the coast is RV friendly.  U.S 101 is also bike friendly and we felt their pain as they biked up steep grades. 

    This wasn't our first time along the coast in Oregon. We enjoyed a wonderful trip in May of 1995 and that is documented in detail starting on page 323 in our book, Movin' On. We were also in the Astoria area three years ago and we wrote a lot about that in Old News from June 2000 and in a special article on that trip in Places (Spring in Oregon). The only area of Oregon's coast we had never visited previously was the very southern coast and we were glad that we had good weather for our four days there. 

    We had planned to spend two days in South Beach which is just south of Newport, but the Coast to Coast campground there was full; we went to plan B and stayed at the Elks Club in Newport. We weighed in at Weight Watchers (we are both under our goal), got our mail and tried to keep dry then decided to stay only the one night. We left Tuesday morning and finished our drive up the coast. We are now in a very nice Coast to Coast campground at Long Beach, Washington. Friday we will move to La Push. 

    June 22
    We are at the end of the earth. At least that is what it feels like. If you'd look at  your map of Washington and follow U. S. 101 north until you see Forks then go west on Washington Route 110 stopping only when you reach the ocean at the little community of La Push. There is a small Coast Guard base here (search and rescue) and a small community of Native Americans. There is a tiny store at the rustic campground which conveniently has full hook ups. The guests in the campground are either here to surf or fish. There is no cell service here. A single gas pump at the camp ground store and we are 16 miles from the nearest town (Forks). They have restaurants, grocery store and most basic needs. The view here is terrific when it isn't fogged in. By the way the fog horn seranades us all day and night. 

    The view out of our window and the campground (below)
    We are fortunate that my son's place is across the road from the campground and he has a phone so I can check email and check our cell phone for messages. But I may be late updating this again at the end of the month, because we want to do things with Robert and I will be spending time getting our new lap top set up.

    With access to a land line I will also be changing all of our email address again because of all the spam we get. I will send out a mini update when I have done all of that. I can't use my cell phone to get email with so much spam. 

    June 24
    I just learned that what I thought was someone using our site to spam others was in fact the annoying Klez virus on others computers. As Norm Payne (one of our friends) wrote, "Klez works by looking at the address book in computers that get infected with the virus. It usually selects three addresses from that address book. It puts one in To:, one in From:, and one in Return Path. So no one is intentionally using your e-mail address. It is that damn Klez virus."  I like our new email addresses for now anyway.

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