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What's New from June 2001

June 1
I may be posting this a half of day ahead of time; it depends on when I can get to the land line at the visitor center.

It has been a little hetic this last week with training and working. Monday and Tuesday we read many books in order to fully understand the history of the Oregon Trail and the history surrounding Three Island Crossing. Last Wednesday, Kathryn Hampton, volunteer services coordinator for the Idaho State parks met with Shirlea, Ron and I and our boss, Gregg. We went over the fine points of our job and toured the whole facility and even the town of Glenns Ferry.

Shirlea, Gregg, Ron and Katherine across the River at the overlook of the three islands.

The interpretive center here is very well done. It covers the story of the native Americans who lived here, the pioneers of the Oregon trail and the dangerous crossing which took place at the three islands here on the Snake River. We are greeting visitors in the center and answering questions as well as presenting campfire programs two to three evenings a week. 

We work in the Interpretive center and this is the view from across the river. I pointed out the maintenance yard which is where our motorhome is parked.

We were busy over Memorial Day and expect to be pretty busy from now on. We will work Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9-4:30 then do the campfire programs on Thursday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. 

This week on our days off we are working on updating the web site. It takes a good day or more to do the Letters, Coffee Break, our articles and such so that's what we do on one of our precious days off. We are really still getting settled and learning the ropes. 

I have just added  Ron's column---Weather for Full-timers, and my article---Pioneers.

Hopefully we will be doing a lot of touring on our days off starting next week. I will write about all we see and do and try to add a note every week regardless of where we go. There is only one phone line which we can use for email and it is in Gregg's office so that is a little inconvenient. 

Can you guess where we were this month? Please go to our Guess page and see how much you know.

June 7,
We had a few days off and rather than just sitting around here, we took some trips. The first day we went east on I-84 to Bliss then we continued east on US 26 until we came to Gooding. At Gooding we went north on Idaho 46 until we came to US 20 where we went west. We took that to Mountain Home then jumped on the interstate to come back home. All along our route we couldn't help but notice how flat the land was and how slightly populated the area was. Fairfield was a small town with few stores but we found some old school houses that were worth photographing.

Another day we took a longer trip. In fact it was so long that we packed a small overnight bag and planned to spend the night halfway through the trip. 

We again started out by taking I-84 to Bliss then US 26 to Shoshone where we turned north on Idaho 75. We were amazed at how long the landscape remained fairly flat and scarcely populated. 

Hailey is a good sized town surrounded by mountains. The scenery is breathtaking and although we did not stop, we couldn't help but notice the condos and large homes which seem to go with ski communities. Twelve miles up the road from Hailey is Ketchum and Sun Valley. Ketchum reminded us of Colorado's Telluride or Vail. Sun Valley is national forest land with lots of campgrounds for tents and medium sized RVs, good trails and a paved path which goes back into Ketchum. It was particularly beautiful off the beaten path. The air was crisp and clean; I wanted to linger, but we had to keep going to reach Stanley by evening. 

Shortly after leaving Ketchum we came to the Galena Summit at 8701 feet. It was snowing lightly, but there was plenty of fresh packable snow on the ground. Ron couldn't resist making a snowball and would you believe he actually threw it at me. 
We were excited to see the tiny beginning of the Salmon River and couldn't believe how fast it got wider and faster. It is called the River of No Return because of the untamed wilderness it runs through. By the time we got to Stanley the river was nice and wide and nearly every business in town was a rafting company. Stanley is the place to go if you want a serious rafting experience. For me the Sawtooth mountains were awesome and the view from our motel room was spectacular. 
We had a nice room and good dinner and breakfast. Most of the employees in town are college kids who come for a fun job for the summer. It was still cold up there so there wasn't a lot of business, but we understand that come July, the place is jumping. 

Wednesday morning, we headed our and continued north on Idaho 21 which brought us all the way back to Boise then I 84 (which we know well now) brought us back to Glenns Ferry. We will now work today, (Thursday), Friday and Saturday. It was fun to do some exploring. 

On Thursday and Saturday evenings Ron and I do a campfire program on Families on the Oregon Trail. If you are in the area come on over. 

June 13
We went to Boise this week on our days off. It was predicted to be cool so rather than head to the mountains, we opted for the city. We even took the motorhome. I love my bed so much and hate packing a suitcase. We arrived Sunday afternoon and immediately located the movie theater and saw Pearl Harbor. Early Monday morning we drove to Ann Morrison city park where we jumped on our bikes and biked about 15 miles of the lovely greenbelt which runs along the Boise River. It was great to be on our bikes again. It had been a long time since we had done any kind of riding. 

On my birthday Ron had announced that my birthday present would be a set of golf clubs. Since I started golfing 16 years ago, my clubs have consisted of Ron's old irons and some inexpensive woods. While we were in Boise we stopped into Costco for some grocery items and found a women's set of Jack Nicklaus clubs complete with bag. So now I need to go golfing. It just happens that there is a golf course next door to the park here in Glenns Ferry. 

We enjoyed eating out a lot while we were in Boise and went to the movies a second time to see Swordfish. It was exciting but I am still trying to figure it out. I may have to see it a second time. Now we are back at the park and ready to work, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have scheduled a lot of programs and are excited about meeting the folks who come to camp here. 

June 22
This week on our days off we stayed here at the park. The main reason for doing that was so we could play golf at the Vineyard golf course which is next door to the state park. I had visions of the new clubs being like magic and when I hit the ball off of the first tee, I knew the clubs were magic. That ball sailed and I beat Ron for the whole round. Of course the mail reason I beat Ron was that he was having a terrible day. He was either hooking or slicing and we spent most of our time looking for his balls. 

For fun that night we went to the driving range. Ron wanted to try and straighten out his game and I thought I would hit each one of my clubs and see where they went. I was very disappointed when they went no where. I couldn't hit anything further than I could throw the balls. The next day on the course was the same for me. Ron's game was much better. I relearned a lesson I had learned long ago. When I bought my first organ I wasn't happy so I kept trading up to a better one knowing that my playing would sound better if I had a really good organ. That never happened and it was the same with the golf clubs. It ain't the clubs, it's the golfer. 

The golf course is very nice and the best part for me on that second day was when Ron suggested we enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the game.

We are back at work for three more days. We do several talks etc., each week. On Thursday evening and again on Saturday morning, I do a talk entitled "On the Oregon Trail--- The Good, Bad and Ugly." Saturday evening we do a talk, "Families on the Oregon Trail."  All day Saturday and Sunday Ron takes van loads of people across the river to the park's property over there so they can see the Islands well. Other than that, we are just around to talk to people. We have been surprised at how many people know who we are, but didn't know we would be here. 

Tonight we are going into Glenns Ferry (to the old opera house) for a murder mystery dinner theater. That should be fun. They do that every Friday evening in the summer and on Saturdays they present a melodrama. That should be fun. 

June 26
I hadn't checked the quizlet since we left Mesa so imagine my shock when I discovered that the one asking where everyone was from was gone and it had been replaced with one of the very first ones we had done (about selling all or what before going full-time). I don't have any idea how it changed because I  thought it had been erased in the quizlet program. Maybe there are humans manipulating computers after all.  Anyway I have posted a new one. Go to our main menu to respond to my question about health insurance. Thanks. 

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