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What's New From June 2005

June 2, 
We were out of town over the Memorial Day weekend so that is why this is late. I know it is not like when we were full-timing and you were anxious to see where we were and what we were doing, but I try to be up to date on this site. We went to Las Vegas for one night then Laughlin, Nevada, (near the Arizona border) so Ron and I could participate in a slot tournament. I won a small portion of the winning pot (29th place for $150.00) but being good hearted, I gave it back to the casino. I also gave a lot more back to the casino which is why at this moment I am saying that I will never go back---never, never ever again. We were glad to get back home and back into a routine.

Last month's question was: How has the present high cost of fuel impacted your life on the road or your decision to go full-timing (if you are not on the road yet).

We were surprised at the numbers in this particular poll. For example 33% said they would just pay the price (and not change their travel mode). I guess that is the sign of the times. Sadly 11% said that the high cost has made them change their mind about full-time RVing. To see the complete results of the poll, please go to the poll page.

The new question is: Are you already full-timing, planning to go or just here to read about the lifestyle? To participate in the new question and to see the complete results from last month please go to the poll page

New Mystery Picture
I don't know if you guys are even trying. I thought last month's picture was simple but only 6 people even tried to guess. We wrote a big article about our vacation in the houseboat and it is on this web site. I wonder if  you aren't into game playing any more.  Well you have a chance to try again with this month's Mystery picture. If you are curious about last month's Mystery Picture, please go to the Mystery Picture page and play the game.


June 16
We are having a great time with grandsons who are visiting us for a while. Brothers, Kris and James (15 & 13) are from Kansas City and cousin, Erkki (12) from Florida flew in on the 10th. Kris and James are excellent golfers so before their arrival we went on Ebay and bought a set of junior clubs for Erkki.  Kris gave him some lessons. The three of them had fun playing. Click on the small images to see the larger image.

CIMG1314.JPG (380680 bytes) In our swimming pool here at Mountainbrook where they spent lots of time. 
Left to right, Erkki, James and Kris.

CIMG1319.JPG (398746 bytes)CIMG1322.JPG (406841 bytes)CIMG1330.JPG (378713 bytes)
James, Erkki and Kris on their first golf outing.
CIMG1332.JPG (405613 bytes)CIMG1335.JPG (386704 bytes)CIMG1336.JPG (393620 bytes)CIMG1339.JPG (388885 bytes)CIMG1341.JPG (399712 bytes)
We spent a few hours at the Golfland water park in Mesa which was fun.

CIMG1343.JPG (455934 bytes)CIMG1344.JPG (406649 bytes)CIMG1346.JPG (379120 bytes)CIMG1350.JPG (411446 bytes)
For a little history, we drove to the Tonto National Monument to visit the cliff dwellings. Not many 68 and 73 year olds can make it up to the top. It is a pretty steep climb. The last picture is Ron as he nears the top. A couple of years ago, he couldn't make it so now you know he is in good shape physically. 

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