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What's New From June 2006

June 1, 2006

Last month I reported that we expected our first triple digit temperature of the year and we got it. But the month was basically pleasant with cool evenings. Tomorrow we will have our first 110 degree day. 

I am still recovering from my rotator cuff surgery which I had on May 3. I am still being totally left handed without assistance from my right hand and it is getting old now. So is the discomfort. I think I have two more weeks of wearing the sling then maybe I will feel more normal. 

Ron and I will be busy helping with our church Vacation Bible School June 5-9. It is only three hours each morning but it will keep us out of trouble. 

Our grandson, Erkki, from Florida will come to visit us on June 13 and then when we leave for California for a reunion with all my kids we will take him with us. His Mom will fly in from Florida and then take him back home with her after the weekend. After that weekend, we will stop in Vegas for a couple of days and I will be in my first poker tournament. Wish me luck. 

I am working on another old newsletter story which I hope to have done in a couple of days. I will put the notice here when I have it ready. 

We hope you are having a wonderful summer. 

Last month's question was:  As a full-timer do (will) you travel with a GPS?
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The new question is: As a full-timer do you (will you) travel with one or more pets?
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