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What's New from June 2000

May 30, 2000
We left Petaluma today and drove north. It was so lovely there at the Coast Guard base in Petaluma that we felt sad leaving. We thought you'd like another view of that beautiful setting and some pictures from the drive we took one day along Route 1 from Tomales north.

The Coast Guard Base at Petaluma

It was nice and sunny when we left the base for the short drive to the coast. But by the time we got to the coast there was just enough fog over the water to obstruct our view a little. We really enjoyed the drive, but we are glad we didn't do it in the motorhome. The road is narrow, hilly  and curvy after Bodega Bay.

May 31, 2000
We have a new mystery picture. See if you can figure out where we were today. Here's a hint. We are still in California, but further north than we were yesterday. We will post the answer when we post the next batch of letters towards the end of June. If you think you know where we were click here to play our new game.

June 6,    2000
We zipped north in Oregon on I-5 which we found to be an excellent highway. There are few north/south red roads in Oregon. We know that our hurrying through Oregon will disappoint many of you. Right now we are in the very beautiful Fort Stevens State Park which is on the northwest coast of Oregon. We visited Astoria today and climbed the 164 stairs of the Astoria Column to take these pictures for you.
We are at the mouth of the Columbia River and the hills to the north in this picture belong to Washington. The bridge on the left is US Route 101 which we will take to Washington when we leave here. Here is a better look at that bridge and the view from the other side of the column.
The state park here is huge and the sites are big.  It is heavily wooded and the trees are big and tall. Everything is green. There are miles and miles of biking and hiking trails and an historic fort. We wish we had more time to spend here. I would take a picture but it is raining; they get a lot of rain here---just look at the clouds in the pictures. Hmmm maybe that is why it is so green here.

There is so much to see and so little time before we have to be in Idaho for the Life on Wheels Conference. We want to spend our free time (before we need to be in Idaho) on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington and include a trip to Victoria BC.

June 11, 2000
Just two days ago (four days from the deadline they had set) AT&T finally agreed that we have met the requirements to use their one rate plan. It was not an easy battle to win though because of their incompetence and rigidity. If you want the rest of the story please go to the PPS at It Aint Fair.

We are parked in a lovely camping spot at the Elks club in Sequim, Washington, and the clouds are still with us. But first I'd like to show you a couple pictures of Fort Stevens state park where we were until Friday. The new section is lovely and even the old section where we were was big and roomy.  Lots of the sites are full hook ups too. Even with the rain and clouds we loved it there.

I also have a few pictures of the Navy ships that anchored in Astoria for a day. They were on their way to Portland for the big Rose festival. Astoria was swarming with sailors and they all looked sharp.

June 12, 2000  I didn't find a phone jack yesterday so nothing was updated yet---the fact that it was Sunday had something to do with it. There are no Kinkos here and the office at the Elks was closed.

The clouds parted a little and I was able to take a picture of the scene from our side window.

We are going on a little vacation without the motorhome. We will take the ferry over to Victoria BC on Tuesday (June 13) and we will stay in a Bed and Breakfast for three days. I won't even take the computer so I won't be checking email for a few days. I'll tell you all about it when we return.

June 18, 2000 (Port Townsend, Washington)
We had a wonderful vacation in Victoria, BC. We toured Butchart Gardens, the Butterfly Gardens, the Miniature Museum, the Royal British Columbia Museum, Parlament Buildings, the Embassy Hotel and we walked a good part of the city many times. Our bed and breakfast was very comfortable (www.denniston.net) and our hosts were the neatest couple. Drew and Rosemary have a lovely home and their breakfasts were gourmet. I will be doing a whole story on our visit as soon as I have a little time and a good internet connection, but for now here are a few pictures to whet your appetite. Speaking of appetites, we ate very well in Victoria.

!) Denniston B & B      2)  Drew and Rosemary        3) the view from our window

1)English Fish & Chips               2 )Parlament Building                 3) English costumes
Butchart Gardens

More sights

1 & 2) the Minature Museum          3) a huge moth which had just emerged from its cocoon.

June 21, 2000
I just posted another of Ron's gems Rolling With the Times.   I may be a little late updating Coffee Break and Letters this month. We are taking the ferry to Seattle for lunch and a little shopping today then tomorrow we go to the Coast to Coast park in Randle, WA. I am not sure what kind of internet connections I might find there. We expect to be in Yakama by the 29th and I am sure I will have connections then. Thanks for understanding.

June 24, 2000
Hello from a Maple Grove RV Resort and Golf Course. This is a lovely Coast to Coast park in Randle, Washington. We are only a few miles from Mt Ranier and Mt St Helens, which we may or may not revisit. We toured them thoroughly before. It is so relaxing to just be here with everything we need or want. The park has a nice nine hole golf course and we finally got the clubs out and played a round. We will do that every day we are here. We are in the woods close to the Cowlitz River and can't even get a satellite signal so we are enjoying our CDs which we haven't listened to in ages. They have an internet station so I can upload this and will add the Coffee Break and Letters in a day or two. I am working on them now. All this for only $6 per night.

Here are a few photos from the charming and beautiful town of Port Townsend.  I love that town so very much that I could live there. This Victorian town has two levels. Most of the shopping is along the water and up on the cliff side are stately mansions which are now bed and breakfasts.

    These two are B & Bs on the upper level of town and the one of the right is for sale if interested.
Ron won't buy it for me.

June 25, 2000
I just uploaded another page in Thoughts from Barb. This one titled Just Living Here and There may surprise you. Before the very end of this month I will move most of this page to the Old News section and I will also post another mystery picture. If you haven't seen our new game go to Guess where we are and play.

June 28, 2000

I got up early to go for a walk this morning and couldn't resist this picture. This is one serene setting and we have felt very relaxed. We hate to leave, but it is time to go; we are heading to Yakima. Don't know for sure where we will be staying --- Elks club or state park. I'll let you know.

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