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What's New From June 2004

June 1
I am posting this a day or two early because I am ready. 

Many of you know about Ron's diagnosis with prostate cancer 10 years ago this coming July. Many also know that his cancer had metastasized therefore there was no option of removing the prostate; his only alternative was Lupron (a hormone which for all practical purposes chemically castrates). He has been on and off of this during most of the 10 years and as you imagine it presents problems with intimacy in our marriage. But since we are off the road and I have time for web things, I started a group on Yahoo in support of Intimacy after Prostate Cancer and have been rewarded with many coming forward to help and be helped. One of the readers in the group suggested a wonderful book which Ron and I have just finished reading. We highly recommend Virginia and Keith Laken's book, Making Love Again; Hope for couples Facing Loss of Sexual Intimacy  for anyone who has undergone prostate cancer surgery and/or treatment. We invite you to join our group.

The group web site is: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Intimacy_after_prostate_cancer/
The book is: Making Love Again; Hope for Couples Facing Loss of Sexual Intimacy.
Their web site is: www.hopeforcouples.com

To help fight cancer wear yellow

Mini Poll
I have changed the mini poll again and posted the results of the last poll. This time it is a revolving poll. I have three separate questions going at once. Each time you log on to the mini poll page you will see a different poll. 
One question is about the use of storage lockers for full-timers. Another question is about miles per year put on the RV. The third current question is about traveling red roads vs interstates. Mini Poll Please plan to see all three questions and take the time to respond as new RVers find this information very helpful. 

New Mystery Picture
I had about a dozen correct answers on last month's mystery picture. If you want to see if you were correct click on the link below to take you to the Mystery Picture Page. This month's picture may be difficult so I will give you a hint. It closed in April of 2003 after being a popular tourist attraction for more than 60 years. To play the game from this and other months please go to our Mystery Picture page.

June 13
There is a new book out for full-time RVers. I haven't read RV Living in the 21st Century yet, but if it is like her first book, Spirit of the Open Road, it will be great. For more information on Peggi and John McDonald's new book please go to their web site. Most people who are planning to live full-time in an RV buy every book on the subject so add this one to your list.

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