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What's New Old Pages   March 1998
Posted March 5
The end of an era. After long discussions and much agonizing, we decided that we just had to cease publication of our newsletter Movin' On. The February issue was our last. I  (Barb) enjoyed writing it most of the time, but it was the "tail that wagged the dog" and made us travel to places that I could write about. The business part of the operation took two to three days each and every week and we realized that we just didn't have time to play and do the things we really want to do. The newsletter started as just a hobby to keep family informed and grew to over 800 subscribers. It was growing at the rate of 25 per month and we were so proud of it and loved all of our friends, but... We still want to keep in touch so we are doing an electronic newsletter and updating this web site often. We even got a digital camera so we can include pictures along the way.

Ron spent a week writing refund checks. We are so pleased that so many of our readers choose to donate their refund to the Escapees CARE program at our suggestion. Ron was able to write a check for $2.046.75 to CARE which will help their wonderful facility there in Livingston, Texas. RVers who need to pull off the road for medical reasons know that they can get good care at that facility. Many donated and said that they may have to use it someday and were gladly helping to support it.

Posted March 20
We had great fun at the Coast to Coast Rally 98 in Tucson, Arizona, March 12-15. There were 1,300 RVs in attendance and many of them were friends we met through our travels and Movin' On. The very best thing about this rally was the terrific entertainment. During each of the four days and on three different outdoor stages, a variety of professional entertainers (all different each day) performed for two half hour periods at a time. There was everything from a Willie Nelson imitator to young singers and dancers.

Each evening the entertainment was top drawer and the crowds were very receptive. The first evening The Honeybuns kept us enthralled as they sang like the Andrew Sisters. With their army uniforms and cute antics they took us all back in time. The second night our toes were tapping to the sounds of the Igor's Jazz Cowboys. This lively group which included two guitars, base, keyboard, drums, and a very talented musician who played the saxophone, clarinet and trumpet all equally well. The third night was reserved for country star  Keith Longbotham and his versatile group of musicians straight from Nashville. The last evening was for dancing and listening. The C.C. Jones Orchestra (24 pieces) dressed in tuxedos gave us the big band sounds. You really had to be there to appreciate the sounds.

There were many great seminars and lots of opportunities to buy stuff for the RV home and engines. We got weighed and discovered that we are not at all overweight. In fact we can add 2,000 pounds. That's why we wanted a diesel. Our seminar on Sunday was well attended. We calculated that there were over 500 in attendance and what a terrific crowd. No one left until the end and all even laughed at our little funny comments. We truly love sharing this wonderful lifestyle with those who are interested in learning.

The World's Largest Pot Luck Dinner was held during the rally. People from the Guinness Book of Records were on hand to document the fact that 2,702 dishes were   delivered about one hour before serving time. Then at 5 p.m. we were back in line again to eat. Coast to Coast furnished grilled chicken halves to each diner along with paper plates, utensils and drinks. Ten long tables were filled with a good assortment of other dishes which ranged from beans to salads and included rolls and desserts. Serving was done from both sides which made for a total of 20 serving lines. All were served in a less than one hour and there was so much food left over that we were asked to take as much home as we wanted to. We discovered that besides the largest potluck, we also broke the record for the longest food line. It was fun even though I  (Barb) do not like pot lucks.

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