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What's New from March and April 2000

March 18, 2000
Wow!!! Where has the time gone? After we left Alabama we drove US 84 all across Mississippi and Louisiana and even into Texas. We enjoyed spending time in two Mississippi state parks, and made a short stop in Louisiana before entering eastern Texas. We then settled for about 8 days in Seguin, Texas, where more repair work was done on the motorhome. We left Seguin on Thursday afternoon (March 16), stopped for a night at  the Wal-Mart  in Mineral Wells, Texas, (our first Wal-Mart camping experience) and are now in Moore, Oklahoma, (and freezing too).

We are visiting with my son Jim and his family. We will leave Monday and drive straight through to Arizona. This morning we got up early to stand in the rain to watch the Fireballs soccer game. My son is the coach and grandson Kristopher plays on the team. The highlight of the game was Kristopher's goal. Then at 4 p.m. they played a second game. although the rain had stopped, the wind started blowing and the wind chill was down below the comfort zone. I will have a full report of our travels in the next newsletter which I hope to get out soon. I need to update Coffee Break and Letters too.

         Jim is the man in the burgundy shirt (with his mouth open)  and Kristopher is number 58.

Kristopher, Sue and James. Daughter in law Sue was celebrating her birthday and their anniversary in the rain.

1    2 
  1. 1.  Our first time to camp at a Wal Mart in Mineral Wells, Texas. Now (after, eleven years, we can finally be called true full-timers.
  2. 2.  Tight sites at the state park in Rusk, Texas.

March 27, 2000
I just sent out our last newsletter and I mean that literally. We will no longer be doing a newsletter, but I will continue to post updates on this page. I also uploaded a bunch of other stuff. I have added another of Ron's articles and three fabulous recipes from Donia Steele.  We can vouch for the cake and cookies and imagine the soup would be good too. I have also posted two terrific articles from Mel Chaney. Please check them out.
Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake
Crunchy-Chewey Lemon Cookies
Healthy Vegetable Soup
Computers & Computing on the Road
RV Campground Etiquette

April 10, 2000

We just returned from a wonderful week with three other couples in a luxurious house boat on Lake Powell. Lake Powell is on the border of Arizona and Utah and so very beautiful. I will write more later. It was a long drive (6 hours) to get to Page, Arizona, and back and it made us appreciate traveling in our Dream even more than ever. As always it was good to get home and unpack. Now I am trying to catch up on email etc so we can head out of Mesa early Wednesday morning. We are stopping in Phoenix to get an oil change on the motorhome and will probably stay in Blythe, California, Wednesday evening. Look for us at the Spring Escapade in Lancaster.

By the way, the cell phone worked fine and I even got email once just to see if I could do it. Remember we were on this huge lake (186 miles long) and miles from any noticeable civilization.

April 13, 2000
I am still in Mesa. Ron had to fly to Ohio to visit his mother who was admitted to the hospital in guarded condition. I ended up driving the motorhome across town (in rush hour traffic) to visit Masseys truck service for the oil change etc., which had been scheduled. We were going to do it on the way out of Phoenix, but.... Ron will probably return here Saturday afternoon and then we will take off for California immediately. But we wouldn't have been able to get the oil changed on Saturday so I am glad I can drive this house as well as do the hookups.

Since I had to stay behind to do that service, I have been working on those stories I promised long ago. I think you will like them. Click on these links.  Alabama  -- Mississippi.  I especially love the pictures. Come back tomorrow and I will have the other two posted (Louisiana and the house boat trip) At least that is my plan.

April 14, 2000
Ron will be home tomorrow and we will head for California right away. I have just posted our wonderful house boating story and hope you like it. I also posted two stories in the Louisiana category---New Orleans and Houma  and U.S. Route 84 through Louisiana.

April 21, 2000
The Escapade was fun in spite of cold rainy days. At least the sun came out and warmed us all on the third day. It was such fun to see so many of our Movin' On friends. The entertainment was terrific each evening with the highlight being The All American Boys Chorus from Costa Mesa, California. We are spending Easter with my son Mark and his family in Saugus then we will head north. Except for a week in Petaluma to visit another son, our plans are very loose.

April 23, 2000

I just heard from Stephanie Bernhagen that her book is being printed and she can now take advance orders for her book. We have read it and think that it is full of lots of good information for those who are ready to hit the road. Stephanie and her husband Paul are young full-timers and her perspective is something young full-time wannabes will appreciate. 

Take Back Your Life is jam-packed with information for anyone considering or new to full-timing. A great deal of information is provided for those who have not reached retirement age, including: budgeting, working on the road, traveling with kids and homes schooling. There are five in-depth chapters on selecting a safe and durable "wheel estate," plus information on residency, camping options, communications on the road, insurance, community, traveling with disabilities, single full-timers, traveling with pets and much more. If you would like to check out the table of contents, reviews of the book or get a sneak peek at the first chapter go to: http://rvhometown.home.att.net

Special offer

For a short time the author, Stephanie Bernhagen, is offering an advanced sale price of $18.00 U.S. per book, including shipping. The normal price is $19.95 plus shipping. The books will be sent out in padded envelopes by book rate. If you would like it sent priority mail please enclose an extra $2.00 for the first book and $1.00 for each additional book. Your check, made out to Stephanie Bernhagen, must be received by May 31, 2000. The books should then be mailed around the middle of June. The checks will not be cashed until the books are sent, just in case there is a problem. Send your check to: 

Stephanie Bernhagen, 164 Rainbow Drive PMB 6431, Livingston, TX 77399-1064 

Donít forget to send your mailing address and e-mail address, if you have one (for quick notification if the books wonít ship by mid June). If you have questions e-mail Stephanie at stephanie@escapees.com.

April 25, 2000
I just posted a new article from Ron.

April 27, 2000
Since we are visiting my son, Mark and his family in California, I have a page of pictures showing them at their favorite pastime. The Flath family.

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