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What's New from March 2001
March 4
When it rains it pours. Ron's Mom died yesterday. He flew to Michigan this morning without me saying that I would have a relapse with the hustle and bustle and long hours at the funeral home. I miss him terribly and he only left a few hours ago. I am feeling better and will try to get some web work done while he is gone. 

Also I don't have a new mystery picture as yet. Stay tuned. The Follies and then my pneumonia kept us anchored right here. When Ron gets back, we have plans to go somewhere. 

March 7
I just uploaded my newest article Itineraries. Ron won't be back until Friday afternoon and I will try to get him to sit down and write right away.

We are very excited about a new opportunity that just came our way. We will be volunteering at Three Island Crossing State Park in Idaho from May 22 to just after the 4th of July.  We have been wanting to get back into volunteering for a long time and can't wait. We wish we could go sooner and stay longer, but I need to have surgery April 10 and we can't leave here until after the middle of May. The reason we can't stay longer is because we are committed to the Life on Wheels Conference  in Moscow, Idaho, from July 8-13. Three Island Crossing is on the Oregon Trail and is in the southern part of the state. They have a new visitor center and that is where we will be working. 

March 10
Ron is back (minus his luggage which will be delivered sometime today) and I put him to work right away. I have just posted his article Staying out of Ruts

March 17 (Happy St Pat's day)
We are getting ready for the camp out. Yesterday we had a cord of fire wood delivered to our site here and Ron will transport it out to the group camp site at Lost Dutchman State Park on Sunday. It will take a couple of trips in the truck. He needs the exercise. We wish you could all join us. It will be fun. I will post pictures when we come back to Valle del Oro after the camp out. 

March 23
Photo courtesy of Tony Taddei
The campout was a huge success. Our best ever. Everyone arrived early on Monday as strangers and left Thursday morning as good friends. Our wagon master, Grant Joy, did a terrific job of getting everyone parked in close so we would all fit. Most seemed to be from the east such as Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky. Some were brand new on the road (first trip out) others had been full time for 5 or 6 years. We celebrated our 12th anniversary of being on the road at the camp out. 

Our Tuesday morning pancake breakfast was a hit.
Grant and Nancy Joy and I did the cooking on 3 griddles; we had a huge kettle for the sausage. Ron ran to get more charcoal and enjoyed the sausages.

After Breakfast the hikers left for their morning hikes.

Nancy led the easy hike.                Grant took the serious hikers up the mountain a ways.

Heading out.                           Bob and Karen hurry to catch the group.

Marilyn and Geary chose to sit in the shade rather than hike.

Some rested after the hikes

Jim and Patty                             Sherry

Hike leader Grant Joy                          Roberta and John

Bobbie                               Libby and John

George and Hillary                   Bobbie got locked out so had to climb in a window.

Campfires were a nightly treat

Grant and Nancy and Addie

Nancy, Addie, Bernie, Jim            Jim, Patty, Ron 

Al roasting a hot dog for dinner.                The mountain looks best in the early evening.

Maralyn and Jim                         Tony the photographer

Ron and Judie                                         Sunsets are a treat in the desert. 
Our Wednesday potluck was the most wonderful potluck I ever attended.

Every dish was delicious and I will be posting the recipes within a week or so. 

The hike that the serious hikers did again Wednesday morning (6 miles--half of which was up hill) was all the hikers talked about for hours. They said the flowers were breathtaking and at the far end of the hike some stood under the waterfall to cool off. 

Thursday morning everyone said their good-byes and took off. Some lingered for a while as though not wanting to go. We hugged and promised to meet again someday. I apologize for not catching every one in a candid photo. 

All alone by 11 a.m. We left shortly after this picture was taken.

March 25
Here are the pot luck recipies which I just posted. Not everyone gave me their recipe but these are terrific. Apricot chicken, Contadina Penne Pasta Bake * Pansit * Good for your heart hot chicken salad casserole * Broccoli-Cauliflower casserole * Watergate salad * Curried chicken and zucchini salad * Southwest salad * Cranberry Salad * Broccoli mushroom salad * German Crumb Coffee CakeFantasy cookie barsEgg Custard  *  Rice pudding * Cherry Panic * Apple crisp. I have also posted several other new recipes. Chicken Tortilla Soup * Chicken Ala Bengal and Classic Chicken Divan.

March 27
One more recipe came in via email today. Check out German Meatballs

We will be leaving Valle del Oro on Thursday (in our car not the motorhome) for a reunion with the wonderful folks we houseboated with last spring. We are visiting Sierra Vista, Arizona, (south of Tucson) and will be playing tourist during the day and bridge in the evenings. We will leave there early Monday Morning (April 2) drive back to Valle del Oro and jump into the motorhome and drive down the road a bit for the RV America Rally. We won't get back to Valle del Oro and our phone line until after April 6 so I am giving advance warning that we will not be updating the web site (Letters, Coffee, Ron's article or mine) until after we are back in the park here. Please be patient. 

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