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What's New From March 2005

March 1
I think our rains are finally over and we are enjoying sunny, warm days with the promise of wildflowers galore in just a short time. 

The play was wonderful. The audiences loved it and now we are trying to rest up. Ron and I both worked hard on it. 

Last month's question was: Had (have) you ever traveled in an RV before you started (thought about) full-timing?   The two most surprising answers were the following. 

Nope, never even had been inside one until we started dreaming. 12% 
Nope, the only time we had been inside one was at RV shows. 15% 

The new question is: After you decided you wanted to full-time, how long did (will) it take to get on the road? 
To participate in the new question and to see the complete results from last month please go to the poll page

New Mystery Picture

Only a half a dozen even attempted to guess last month's picture and two guessed correctly only because they had been there like we had.. To see if you can get close by looking at the four choices go to the Mystery Picture page and play the game.

Hopefully this will be easier for some of you. It happens to be one of my very favorite places. 

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