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What's New From March 2006

March 4, 2006
The play was a great success and even though it was a lot of hard work, it was fun. Right after the play we took a little vacation and that is why I am late updating our site. Please forgive me. 

We went to Rocky Point,(Puerto Penasco) Mexico, on a bus trip from our village. There were 36 on the bus and we had a great time. There are a lot of RV parks there, lots of fun things to do and shrimp and margaritas are plentiful. 

Our tour included a boat trip on the Lobo Del Mar. We were treated to Scottish pipers and belly dancers and all the margaritas we wanted. Guess which the men liked best. One large Scottish family (13 handsome children) runs the fleet of boats which offer sky diving and fishing charters as well as sunset cruises. Two guys went fishing the next day and their wives went para sailing. 

Our hotel was the Laos Mar and it was very nice. The picture on the right was taken from the balcony in our room. 

Across the street from our hotel was the Playa Bonita Hotel which had a wonderful restaurant, bar and patio. We enjoyed drinks and dancing two different evenings.

Our tour guide arranged for a wonderful dinner at La Curva where we not only enjoyed great food, but were serenaded with music and even had time for dancing. Carol is seen above eating fried ice cream. We also did a lot of shopping and almost everyone came home with jewelry, large and small pots and colorful dishes. 

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