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What's New from March 2003

March 1, 2003
Although we are in our house we are making plans for the summer. We have already made reservations for Glacier and Yellowstone (for after the Life on Wheels Conference). Yes, we have made that trip before, but we have two grandchildren who have just reached that magic age (between 9-12) so we will take them on a special vacation like we have done for our other grandchildren. We are looking forward to that. 

Also my friend Cec and I are going to bike across Iowa (west to east) starting September 2. Ron and Judy will drive the motorhomes down the road 40 to 50 miles and when we catch them we will spend the night only to get up and go again the next day. We are both excited about it and it has been a long dream of mine to do a long bike trip. Neither Ron or Judy want to do the biking so they will be our support vehicles. Just think two 65 year old ladies on a bike ride. My dream long ago had been to bike from Washington state to Florida, but I have given up on that for now. After we do Iowa, maybe we will tackle two states in a row. 

Watch for changes in this web site. I know you all liked the Coffee Break and Letters section from the base so now that I will have more time, I plan to do something with questions and/or letters again. I haven't quite decided on the format yet so stay tuned.

We are starting to plan a rally here in Gold Canyon at Canyon Vistas RV park which is just down the road from our house. It would be held this coming October and there would be no limit of the number of RVers who could attend. We used to do the camp outs and that was fun, but it was limited to just 30 RVs. I will post more information on this as we finalize the plans.

The house is shaping up nicely. We can hardly believe all that we have accomplished in the short time since we arrived in Mesa. We are still waiting for some furniture and so far have no pictures, rugs or decorative things in place. That all takes time.

To save money we ordered our den/library furniture from Staples which meant it had to be assembled. Ron did a super job and really it was not easy. 

The library after all the building was done. 

We also purchased some inexpensive (ready to assemble) chests for our closet.

I love the entrance.

Neither bedroom is complete so I won't show those pictures yet. The furniture is in but the duvet covers I ordered are still on the way. I ordered lots of things over the internet and it has been fun watching UPS arrive with packages.

I will be posting our articles in a day or two but we at least have a new mystery picture to start out the month.
New Mystery Picture

Quite a few guessed last month's mystery picture correctly which really surprised me. I thought it would be harder than it was.  See how you do this month. Here's a hint. This picture was taken by us a few years ago so it won't have anything to do with where we are or where we have been lately. To play from this month and other months please go to our Guess Page.

March 2
I just uploaded our articles for this month. Ron wrote about The Middle of Nowhere. and my article is Give Me the Real Stuff.

March 4
My sister, Bev and her husband, Mike, were our first house guests. They arrived on Monday morning and left on Tuesday but we sure packed a lot of visiting into such a short time. The duvet cover for the guest bedroom arrived while they were here so they could sleep in style. Although we are still waiting for the nightstands in that room, the bed is beautiful.

March 6
I have just created a Yahoo group for us. There we can post thoughts, questions and of course get answers from us and everyone else. I sincerely hope that a lot of you participate. Originally I was going to add more to our web site here, but we will get faster results by this way as I won't have to edit them. You do have to sign in (there is no charge) and you can elect to have the messages sent to you once a day in one lump (that is what I have selected) or you can choose to only have important messages sent. There are lots of choices. So far the only message is my greeting. I would like to see 50 messages left today. Okay? I have tried message boards and a chat room before but I think this one will really work. Let's do it!!!!!

                      Group name: movinon 
                      Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/movinon 
                      Group email address: movinon@yahoogroups.com

March 15
Well, the group thing on Yahoo started out great and seems to have died already. I guess no one has any questions. 

We have added a few more things to the house and today are going to the Scottsdale Art Fair to look for a painting for the living room. We are enjoying lots of company and the activities here at Mountainbrook Village. We play bridge and will get more involved as we have time. Most of our time is still spent in shopping and getting settled.

Wow, you all really ordered up a bunch of our books. We only have a few left so have to put a deadline on any more orders. We need to get your order by March 31 in order to offer them at that great price. Even if we run out of what we have in stock here, we will honor that price and have them sent from our fulfillment service which will cost us a little but you all are worth it. Go to our help page for more details. 

March 25
We just got word that the class schedule is up for the Life on Wheels Conference in Moscow, Idaho. If you would like to see what kinds of classes are being offered this year, please click here

Ron's son, Karl, and his family are arriving Friday and will be with us for a week. We are very excited to be able to share this beautiful part of the country with them and have planned a full schedule. 

Friday I will take more pictures of the house as we have added some exciting things. 

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