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What's New From March 2004

March 1, 2004

Kristopher, Sue, James (in front), me and Jim.
My youngest son, Jim, and his lovely family flew from Kansas City to be with me during the play. It was fun to have them here for their first visit to our new home. 

Pictures from the play---Caught in the Villain's Web

We don't have any new articles to post at this minute. Can I blame it on a short month? I have uploaded another of our old newsletter stories and thought you might even like that better than our thoughts. 

June 1996
Still Moving North---Through Missouri & Illinois Then Into Michigan

Mystery Picture
Last month only one person guessed the picture and he was correct so I guess I really stumped you. Take a chance on guessing this one. Here's a hint: it was taken somewhere in the eastern half of the United States. But don't be fooled the name on one of the businesses.  If you think you know where we were when this picture was taken email us. To play the game from this and other months please go to our Mystery Picture page.

March 14
We still haven't written any articles but I have added another or our old newsletter stories. This one is from July 1996 when we were in Michigan. I think you will like the adventures. July 1996 issue of Movin' On---the newsletter.

We are thoroughly enjoying a lovely spring here. The temperatures are in the mid 80s and the plants are sprouting georgous leaves and blossoms. I will try to add more here soon.

March 24
You will all envy me when I tell you what I have been doing (this is a joke). My hard drive crashed very hard (not retreivable without spending the national debt). Dell shipped my new hard drive but I didn't get it until Monday and trying to upload everything and get it running the way it was is a big big job. I am not nearly done yet. I lost any new email addresses sent to me after October 1 of last year (the last time I backed up the serious stuff). Thank God the whole web site was on the web and I could download it back to my computer. I promise to back up more often (have you ever said that?). 

March 30
I am going to be a little late with the April page. After finally getting the computer back together, I landed in the hospital for four days with an asthma problem; I just got out. To add to that, I have a neighborhood party we are hosting here tomorrow night and our village Supper Club (where we are again hosts) is this Saturday and Sunday friends from Michigan are dropping in for a four day visit. 

I will tell you that spring came early here or maybe it is summer. We were at 97 degrees today and all the cacti and trees are full of blossoms the colors of the rainbow. Our rainy winter is really paying off now. 

I promise I will have a further update soon. We are anxious to tell you about our summer plans. 

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