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What's New from May 2002
May 1, 2002
We are really enjoying the peace and quite here in our park model at Desert Shadows in Cathedral City, California. This is a small  but nice park (about 400 sites) with pretty landscaping and lots of pools. It looks like they have a full slate of activities in the season, but the season has ended. There are RV sites in and around park models but one nice feature of the park is the new area which is just for RVs. If we were coming in here with our motorhome that is where we would rather be. The sites are large and the satellite in the RV section is big, modern and includes an indoor pool as well as a lap pool. One can rent a site here or the lots can be purchased. In our opinion that is especially good if you plan to make any improvements or add a park model. Ron and I have always felt that we would never add to a site we didn't own. 

We went to see Damn Yankees at the Mc Callum Theater (College of the Desert) Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a lot of talent here in Palm Springs. 

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    As full-timers what are (will be) your AVERAGE monthly campground fees. 
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    May 1, (late Wednesday)
    Today we took a drive to Lake Elsinore (on Highway 74) to visit long time friends that we had never met. Yes, Dianne and Michael Killen were wannabes who wrote sharing their progress and like many of our readers we became friends. We were impressed with these very talented singer/songwriters and have enjoyed the CD albums they made. A Voice Like Yours was their first album followed by Feels Like Home. Dianne just completed a new album, Pattern of My Heart which we picked up today. This young couple (early 40s) met in Nashville even though Michael is from California and Dianne is from Maine. 
    We cheered them on when they purchased an old bus that they were going to fix up then sighed when it was evident that the old Detroit diesel engine was not repairable; they had to scrap the whole thing. But we cheered again when they decided they could fix up Dianne's parent's old Winnebago Class A which they did. They've really made some nice improvements. When Michael's job ended earlier this year and the house had sold, they thought that the time was right to take off. 

    They have a pretty good schedule of concerts this spring here in California and will be at the Great North American Rally in Pomona. We sincerely hope that you will be sure to look them up at the rally or anytime in your travels. You won't be sorry if you purchase their CDs too. Also give them a big hug for us.

    Since we weren't far from The Paint Department in Chino, we decided to drop in and see what our house looked like. We were not prepared. It didn't really look like our house. Everything had to be taken off and well, look for yourself.

    We now know why this job takes a full month. And we also know what was the cause of all the cracks in the paint. The gelcoat underneath the paint was the culprit. Don't ask more I really don't understand. But the windows are all out, and all the awnings and any trim is off while they remove all down to the base then start again.

    May 6
    We had company over the weekend. My son Mark, and his family from Saugus (north of Los Angeles) came down and we just enjoyed being together. Much time was spent at the pool. The rest of the time, we played games.

    L-R in back   Ron, Robyn, Mark, Ana and Jonn in front. 

    Ron, Jonn and Mark        Robyn and Ana

    May 7
    Suddenly it is time to go. I am ready. I want my house back, but I have at least another week to wait. I have read enough books, it is getting hot here and the wind is enough to drive one crazy. Here in the desert we are a long way from mountains with lush pine trees. There are very few people in the park here and so far we haven't talked to a soul. We see them and I say "hello" but they are not interested in conversation. Most of them are park model owners and not RVers. There is a big difference. Think about apartment dwellers and how they kind of stay to themselves. Since Judy and Cec left the area last Monday and after my son and his family left, it is just Ron and I. In one of my creative moments I did this top ten list. That was fun. 

    May 13
    I had a great Mother's Day. We drove to just past Ontario (on I-10) and met my son, Mark and his family at a Baker's Square for lunch. We each drove about 75 miles to be together and it was the first Mother's day in ages (at least 100 years) since I was able to be with any of my children for that holiday. 

    Mark and I----Jonn, and Robyn
    My daughter, Glenda, from Florida wants me to spend some hours at a spa as a treat of hers. I am going tomorrow afternoon for the Greta Garbo at the Desert Hot Springs Hotel and Spa. After 3 hours of pampering I should be a wet noodle, right? I will write about the experience soon after though.  If you'd like to know what I will be getting go to their web site

    I was going to write a big article about the Coachella Valley, but see that I did a very complete story in our old newsletter. It is on our site and covers most of what is here. If you haven't read it or want to read it again go to the February 1995 issue   and in the index (left hand side of page under banner) click on "Things to do..." 

    May 16
    I did not go to the spa Tuesday as I was sick from Monday night through Tuesday. I feel better now and will go today. We drove to Chino to check out the motorhome yesterday; it is not finished. They say that it will be done maybe Saturday (I am not taking bets on that one) or Monday. We wait patiently. At least we are not living out on the streets or something like that. 

    May 18
    My day at the spa was absolutely wonderful. First I was given a big terry cloth robe and slippers and a locker for my clothing. All along one side of the pools (6) area were individual rooms for the different treatments. My first stop was for the facial. I had no idea what to expect, but if I had money to do something special for myself again I would do just that. There was a bed in this dimly lit room and very relaxing music was playing softly. I was told to get on the bed (in my birthday suit) and cover myself with a sheet. Carolyn stepped out of the room while I did this. When she came back She put a hair band around my hair and I closed my eyes while she kept applying different (heavenly smelling) creams and oils on my neck and face. Her hands were soft and hypnotic in their movements over my face. I didn't say a word or open my eyes for the whole 55 minutes. 

    Next was the sea weed wrap which wasn't much fun but I am told it was good for my body. I laid on a table and Teresa smeared warm blackish green mud all over me then covered me with two warm blankets then she brought the sides of the sheet I was lying on up over me and made me the center of a cocoon. Then she left me there for 30 minutes. When the time was up she pointed to the shower and told me to wash it all off. Well, that was easier said than done. I had been baking those 30 minutes and it had dried. It was also gritty, but I eventually got it off. that was that. 

    Andreas did my massage and he was very good. It was called a combination massage which included traditional, Swedish massage, and reflexology (extra treatment for the feet). Again this was in a nice cozy room with soft music playing. So if you are ever in the Palm Springs area think about pampering yourself at one of the spas.

    Ron and I had new publicity pictures taken since we have been here. If you haven't looked at our main menu lately here is what the picture looks like.

    Portrait by Bill Thomas, certified, master photographer
    Riverside Photography in Riverside

    May 19
    We had nothing better to do yesterday so we took a drive. Yes, it was a Saturday and yes, they were working on our home. The Dream looks better. We may be able to get it Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

    Some windows were not in yet and the awnings, mirrors and such still had to be put on and we realized on our way home that the "American Dream" in script has not been painted on yet. But notice the mirror image of the shinny paint. It looks pretty again. 

    I am going to miss being able to update this page any ole time I feel like it. It has been nice having a land line.

    May 22
    We have our house back and it looks wonderful. It feels good too both inside and out. There's something missing though. Can you tell what it is?
    They didn't get the lettering decals (American Dream) that go on the rear sides and back so we are a little naked. We will stop back in the fall and it will only take a few minutes to put on. So if you see a naked burgundy and white motorhome you will know it is us.

    Speaking of seeing us, we are out of here in just a few hours. We are heading north and will spend the Memorial Day weekend in Templeton, California; we really don't know where we will go from there. 

    May 24
    We are in Templeton and our hosts (Marge and Rod) are wonderful. They have a lovely place here. We are enjoying their hospitality. You will enjoy the recipe for the delicious cake she made. Yummy Pineapple Cake was just that.

    There was only one sensible way to get here from the Coachella Valley. Although we do not like interstates no one in their right mind would drive anything but in and around Los Angeles. In fact it seems that everyone was on the freeway. We took I- 10 to I-210 to I-5.
    It was white knuckle most of the way because of all the truck traffic; they take up two of the five lanes add to that are a gazillion cars all zipping in and out of the different lanes. Ninety percent are traveling over the speed limit and tail gating. 

    North of Castiac I -5 climbs to a summit of a little over 4,100 feet and descends 5 miles at a 6 % grade to Grapevine. The lush green valley is like a breath of fresh air. Congested city was replaced by vineyards. We turned west on California Route 46 to Paso Robles then south on U. S Route 101 to Templeton. From what we saw on our way here, this is a very pretty area. Our reports will follow our explorations.

    May 28
    We had a wonderful time with Marge and Rod in Templeton. On Friday night we went to Paso Robles to watch the old cars parade for the beginning of an old car weekend. It was fun to see them all.

                 Rod, Marge & Ron 

    We played golf twice at a cute little golf course in Atascadero which is just south of Templeton. It was a par 3 which was quite challenging. On Sunday we toured some of the local wineries and enjoyed both the wines and country side. Our hosts have been very hospitable. 

    Our lovely campsite on their property.  They built a huge barn for their cars and motorhome.

    We are on our way to Monterey for a few days then points north. I hope to update the web site on schedule---June 1. 

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